My name is Steve, and I am a metaphysical healer.

The Healing that I offer is done at a distance. I do not have to be in the same space as you, and we don’t need to sync up a time to perform the Working.  It works directly on the various layers of the aura, including the chakras, meridians, and other energetic channels and fields in and around you that may have become imbalanced and are generating the ill health or physical pain that you are experiencing.

My personal philosophy continues to evolve, and reading the works of many different authors has informed my understanding about the unity of all things, and how we are all connected. Experientially, primarily through healing work, I have come to know we are all truly one at a deeper level, bound by a powerful force of love. Essentially, at our core we are love.

Illness and disease arise because at some level we have forgotten this fundamental understanding about love, and our mind has engaged in various patterns of separation. Usually we have forgotten what we have done to arrive where we are. The role of a healer is to facilitate the resolution of these imbalances and distortions, and once this is done, the healing occurs spontaneously, sometimes in an instant, or over the course of several days through a cascade of subtle energetic clearing events.

If what I have written above resonates with you, then feel free to contact me for a Working. The Working will be done at the first available time.

I work on a Donation basis, but only if the healing is successful.

The issue can be anything – physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

~ S

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