I want to thank you Steve for helping me.  I have been trying to figure out how to explain how much better I feel after our sessions. I had a pretty big laundry list of issues and was worried about how many healing sessions it would take to handle all of them and how much that might cost. However, after only one set of three short sessions over a period of four days, every issue is either gone or almost gone.

My right neck/shoulder pain is almost completely gone, the pain and swelling in my gums in the back of my mouth is almost gone, my right foot pain is completely gone, my abdomen hernia has reduced by at least by half and continues to get better. Everything you did was so helpful and continued to get better even after our sessions.

You are so easy to work with and it was a wonderful experience. I will be contacting you again for more remote healing.



I saw Steve two times and discussed a variety of health concerns with him each time.  The one that I had lived with the longest and suffered from every day for 24 years was back pain around my neck and shoulders.  My pain was the result of an injury and I saw a chiropractor every 4 to 6 weeks for an adjustment, but even those adjustments were sometimes only moderately pain-relieving.  I regularly took 4 extra-strength Tylenol a day, but not anymore.  It has now been 8 months since I last saw Steve and I would say I’m pain-free about 99% of the time.  Once in a while when I’m doing something strenuous I will feel some moderate back pain, but it is nothing compared to what I felt every day for 24 years.  Now, after a day or so the pain goes away.  When I left a session with Steve I did not feel an immediate difference, but it was in the days and weeks following that I began to notice the change.  I kept wondering when it might “wear off”, but it hasn’t yet. Steve gets my highest recommendation.

Chris Peigler

After years of unrelenting pain due to 3 falls down the stairs, an auto accident and serious injury to my hip on two different occasions, Steve and I crossed paths. When he told me about his healing work I became very eager to see what it would do for my physical issues.

Steve explained that distance work was the only way he worked now. That was fine with me as it meant there would be no travel involved, and I could go straight to bed if I felt the need to do so.

In a very short time, I noticed the pain seemed to be clearing out of the hip, gluteal and coccyx area. Muscles that had been extremely tender to the touch for years were no longer sore!

In a matter of minutes, I noticed I was walking normally, where I had limped a great deal before.

I slept very peacefully all night long! Anyone who has ever tossed and turned all night due to hip pain understands what a wonderful relief that was. The next morning I was very pleased and surprised to find only a little tenderness remained in the gluteal area and a slight, dull ache deep down in the hip!  I told Steve and he said he would work on it some more.

Again in a short time, the tenderness and the aching were gone. What a blessing to be free of that awful pain!

Steve, you, and your healing work are a gift and a blessing to humanity.

Thank You for this amazing healing that I would call nothing less than a miracle!

RV, Lexington, N.C.


Many thanks for your healing session.  I had severe pain in my upper leg and hip for over a year.  This pain kept me from doing many things I enjoyed like yoga and power walking.  My doctor was unable to diagnose the problem and x-rays only revealed that the pain was not bone related.  I declined an anti-inflammatory prescription and sought help from a physical therapist.  After working with me the therapist established that my problem was my IT band, and suggested a regimen of stretches and massage.  My pain was still severe and in my search for relief set up an appointment with Steve. As he worked, I could feel the energy in my body shift and a tingling sensation.  Several days later I felt a rush of energy rush through my body as though a blockage had been cleared and my leg and hip pain disappeared.   It has been six months since my session and today I am still pain-free and participating in the activities I enjoy.

LeeAnn Camey

I knew Steve for over 10 years before I finally tried his Healing With Subtle Energy.  I have scoliosis, (curvature of the spine), and can attest that my back vertebrae moved into a better alignment without him even touching me. It even made popping noises as it moved. It was a very odd sensation when this happened, but I felt much better afterward and my back is straighter as a result and remains so to this day. He also relieved pain in my shoulder and hip. His healing energy is truly amazing.  I highly recommend Steve to anyone with pain that doesn’t respond very well to other methods.  

Thank you, Steve!!!

Donna Spires

Here’s that recommendation I wanted to write for you –

I had no previous energy work so I came into this with no ideas if this sort of thing even worked, but trusting and open to the experience, and was amply rewarded. My knees had started hurting again so much so that I couldn’t climb stairs, so that was the main thing we worked on. I left the session with my hands on fire and energy (I assume) moving around unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I felt lighter and peaceful like I’d been on vacation for a while. Steve also taught me some exercises to keep the flow moving, and how I could move the energy around myself. Talk about teaching yourself out of a job! Now, the knees didn’t clear up right away, in fact, the pain moved around into different areas of my knees and I worried they were actually getting worse. But at some point a week or two later I realized I was pain-free and walked up the stairs with no problems at all. That was two months ago, the pain never returned and my energy level remains high to this day. I can’t thank Steve enough for the wonderful work he does and the practical information he shares so generously.

-Linda H.

I had pain in my left knee for years that I attributed to my family who suffer from knee problems. Three of my Uncles and Aunts have had knee replacements. Steve helped me sort through these ideas related to my own suffering in such an organic and pleasant session. Then after working his magic, he asked me, “is the pain gone now?” It was gone. I’ve spent the last few weeks with absolutely zero pain, even with harder and harder workouts at the gym. It is amazing to see a pain that has been passed down for generations just go in an instant after a long distance healing from Steve. He really is blessed with amazing healing powers. Thank you, Steve, for relieving my suffering and allowing me the freedom to continue with one of my greatest joys – to exercise without pain.

-Jody James

A few years ago, I was experiencing almost constant pain in my mid-back area.  It was difficult to sit through an hour and a half church service. On several occasions, I sat next to Steve, who noticed my discomfort.  He would place his hand on my back and I would, almost immediately, begin to feel a healing warmth permeate throughout the area.  Sweet relief!  It was truly amazing how almost instantaneously the pain would ease and then disappear.

Thanks, Steve, you truly have a gift!  Namaste, Sylvia


You really made a difference in my life. The work Steve does is amazing. He has such good energy and he took a lot of pain and hurt out of my body. Steve works and puts his whole heart into his energy work. Nobody has ever touched my life like that, ever. I lost weight overnight after getting energy work. I was a drug addict for 5 years and had been sent to prison and my body was totally messed up. He helped me to let go of old baggage and took all the bad stuff away. Steve is a miracle sent from God and if you let him work on you I can tell you, you won’t be sorry. Just wanted to say thank you, Steve.


Myranda Sue Trivette

It’s with great pleasure that I recommend Steve Kube to you.  I was fortunate to have a one-on-one session with him and am amazed at the results.

When I scheduled the appointment I purposely didn’t tell Steve what I felt needed ‘worked on.’  He spent several minutes going over particular areas of my body, combing through where he felt things ‘stuck.’  Afterward, I felt relaxed, a little spacey, and super aware of my surroundings.

What I didn’t tell Steve was that I was having an imbalance in my body — my blood pressure was slightly high and my pulse rate was very low.  I had been seeing my doctor for several months concerning this problem and had tried various medications and treatments (including acupuncture) hoping to correct this.

Well, I had a checkup a few days after my session with Steve, and of course, both my BP and pulse were within the ‘normal’ range!

Thanks so much, Steve!

Nancy Elizabeth Green


Massage and Body Energy Therapist #6773  

On my way in I could hardly walk, having two different pain problems in my right upper leg. Steve put me at ease and began. Two hours later my pain had gone from an 8 or 9 to a 2, and I walked out very comfortably even though my pelvis hadn’t leveled out. One of the two problems has not recurred, and the second has maintained a marked improvement.

The next day I happened to see Steve again and he observed that my pelvis had leveled out, so the healing had been continuing. I plan on more energy work with him in a couple of weeks, to work on what’s left.


Dear Steve,

I want to thank you so much for working on my back. As I told you, I have had recurring low back pain for many years, due to a couple of disc injuries. I have a step down into my living room, so I am making that step up and down all day every day. Lately, it seemed that every few days, I would step up or down and something in my low back would almost send me to my knees. On one of these occasions recently, it created intense pain that continued day and night for two days. The pain was so bad that it kept me from sleeping through the night, and I would have a terrible time getting out of bed in the morning.

Fortunately for me, you dropped by my house to discuss an unrelated project with me. When I told you how much pain I had been for two days, you told me about the successes you had been having helping people with their pain. I was a little skeptical since I have had, in the past, experience with Reiki and Quantum Touch therapies. I got no relief of pain from either one. But, I agreed to let you try to help me. I was amazed at the intense energy and heat I felt coming through your hands. I had never been able to feel energy like that from anyone else that had worked on me. As I recall, I didn’t feel a lot of relief while you were working on me. But, one or two hours after you left, the pain really started letting up, and the next morning, I had no trouble getting out of bed. The intense pain was completely gone. It was the first in three nights that I had been able to get a decent night’s sleep.

I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me. I would strongly recommend you to any of my friends or acquaintances that need help with pain. I truly believe you have a gift for healing. I wish you much success in contributing to better lives for those people with whom you cross paths.


Lynn W. Carr

I had suffered from a frozen shoulder for months. I was looking at weeks of physical therapy or possible surgery. Steve worked on my shoulder a couple of times. I received complete relief. This was 2 years ago, I remain pain-free. THANK YOU, STEVE!!!

Joyce L

Gastonia, NC

“I’ve been amazed by Steve’s ability to heal energetically.  He has worked on several body issues for me, but most notably he healed a gnawing pain in my leg.  The pain was about a 9 on a scale of 10. Steve began his work, and I could not only feel the energy from his hands without touching my body, but the pain in my leg also started to dissipate. Within minutes, the pain was gone. It never came back.

On another occasion, Steve resolved a chronic lower back complaint I had for several weeks. He approached the healing from ‘all sides’ as I call it, working all around my body, guided by his intuition. I had no idea what he was doing, but when he was done my back felt like I’d had a dozen messages. I would highly recommend him.”

Pat Pate-Sigler

As a Quantum Touch Trainer, I’m quite familiar with amazing healings.  And yet,  for about 3 years I had an uncomfortable condition on my lower abdomen that wasn’t yielding to any treatment from myself or from others in the healing energy community.  The “condition” was roughly bar-shaped, a couple inches long, about an inch wide and maybe a quarter inch thick.  It was more dense and hotter than the surrounding tissue.  It was also painful to the touch.  After about 20 minutes of Healing With Subtle Energy, it totally disappeared!  It shifted and shrank and finally, it just vanished in a “puff”.  In that short time, I also learned ways to increase the flow of healing energy through my body which will help maintain my health and increase my ability to help others.  One other thing,  an energy block in my left leg showed up during the session and it too was cleared in a matter of a few moments.  Energy work can be truly amazing at times.

Thanks, Steve!

Gail Sanders

“I felt the effects of Steve’s energy work immediately. I felt better and more alert. I think it also cleaned my energy field because a few days later I had a very peaceful, serene feeling that I hadn’t had in years.”

— Pat

At 66 my wife was found to be suffering from the gynecological problem of endometriosis. Two surgical operations were unable to resolve the problem and almost resulted in her bleeding to death. Two professors were brought in and their ministrations only made matters worse, their contacts with their peers around the world resulted in their stating that they had no solution, as they had only ever seen five cases like it but none in her age group.

   We decided to try Chinese medicine in the form of acupuncture and this proved to be ineffective and to some degree also aggravated the situation.

    Steve Kube offered his help in distance healing by way of the transmission of spiritual energy and over the past month he has performed this service, at periods known only to himself, the result is that my wife’s condition is showing definite and observable signs of improvement and her own personal energy levels have increased to the level where she is getting physical benefit from this improvement as well.

    What is so significant about this is threefold.

    1. My wife knows nothing about this procedure – so there is no placebo effect.

    2. Mr. Steve Kube is unaware of the full nature of my wife’s complaint.

    3. Mr. Steve Kube is in the U.S.A. and we are in Australia.


    Sydney.    Australia.

    This testimonial is given freely and without reservation.

On July 20, 2007, Steve Kube provided me with an hour’s energy session.  One specific point of interest was my right arm where I had stiffness and sore muscles for the past month.  I was getting a physical massage and the symptoms would ease up and yet return.  After the energy session with Steve, I was able to raise my arm up to my ear without the searing pain … something I’d not been able to do for weeks.  Thank you, Steve!

J. E.

Dear Steve:

I just wanted to let you know that you have helped me with your “energy work”. As you know, my IBS symptoms include discomfort in my abdominal region.  It seems that your energy work has really minimized those feelings and I am more “normal” (whatever that may be!) than at other times.

On numerous occasions, I have also asked you about my Fibromyalgia – especially my back from my shoulders down to my hips.  I am amazed that you are able to diminish the pain I feel!  Since I am in constant pain all the time, I find I am able to do more activities after you work on me.  So – I am looking forward to our next session.

Thank you for all you have done to help me.


Jeri Hanes-Kellett

Hi, Steve,

Still at work but wanted to drop you a line thanking you again for the energy work. Last night I could barely go to sleep because my entire body was tingling from head to toe – like a million Mexican jumping beans or bees buzzing. My hands were so hot it was almost uncomfortable.  I kept thinking I should do something with all that energy from my hands, is that type A or what? LOL.

I’m still tingling now and my hands are still hot. Joints continue to crack.  And today was one of the best days I’ve ever had. Even though work was crisis-ridden as usual, I was not. I felt so calm, so in touch with my higher self, I could respond from a good place. I noticed more things, I was kinder, and I laughed a lot.  I forgot and went up the stairs, knee still hurt, but not as bad. Same with the shoulder.  Everything feels looser. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!!!!

Thank you,

Linda Hassman

For several years, I had an excruciating pain in my right foot. At times it was manageable, but at others, I could hardly walk on it and I had been doing acupuncture to help the pain as well.  I met Steve at a meeting one night and I heard that he did energy work, I always go for natural paths in medicine before I go with the traditional ones,  so one day he came over to work on my mother and I and it took about two hours or so as he worked on my entire energy field. Results came right away when I could put weight on my foot and move around even though the pain did not entirely go away until the following day.

Steve is a genuine person who has a great gift to heal others.

Much Love,

Laura Lassiter

I was speaking with Steve last evening and he noticed how hoarse my voice was. I told him a cold or something had come on in the last couple of days. A cough, stuffy, a bit of fever; feeling hot/cold associated with it. He asked if it was okay to do some healing work for me and as always I agreed! We were only on the phone a short time maybe 7-10 minutes at most.

After the call, I had to get ready for bed and decided I would take some ibuprofen since it usually knocks me out and helps with the fever. As I got myself settled I noticed within 45 min to an hour that I felt MUCH better. The coughing had almost stopped and pressure in my chest had lifted. It was also odd that I felt totally energized and not tired at all like I expected. I was able to stay awake and enjoy reading and research until the wee hours. Then I fell asleep with no effort what so ever.

This morning I woke and was so pleased to feel much much better all over. I called him to tell him so and right away he mentioned how much better my voice was.

Bless you, Steve, for being such a wonderful healer and friend!

Robin L Thanks, Steve!

Steve Kube has the gift of healing hands. I had a lot of pain in my shoulder and left knee. Steve worked on them for just a few minutes. He didn’t even touch me! The pain was almost gone right away. I would definitely recommend him for healing.

Pat Shouse

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