Distance Healing

All healing work purchased through this website is personnally done by Steve Kube.

Currently, much of my work consists of doing a series of short healing events. When I sense inharmonious energy patterns in a persons aura breaking up, I stop and allow the effects to cascade through the system and settle down. Then I repeat the process. This may happen many times during a single distance healing.

Not everyone feels the effects of energy work while it’s being done. Those who do typically report feeling a subtle tingling sensation, or warmth, or similar. The sensations are always described as pleasant.

I do the work at various times of the day or night for optimum results. You do not need to set aside time for me to do healing work.

I do not write up results or give feedback on your situation. If you want to discuss your needs and get input from me, then please make an appointment for a phone session.

Often the healing clears blockages and more healing energy is able to flow throgh your system. People regularly report shifts happening several days after a session.  

Distance healing works on pets too. I've facilitated miraculous healings on animals with this work.  

Distance healing makes a great gift for a loved one, friend, co-coworker, etc...

By purchasing Distance Healing, you agree to the Terms of Service and understand that it is not a substitute for medical treatment and that results may vary.

3 Distance Healings over 3 days:       $100    ($33.33 ea)

6 Distance Healings over 6 days:      $150    ($25.00 ea.)

12 Distance Healings over 12 days:   $250   ($20.83 ea.)

24 Distance Healings over 24 days:   $450   ($18.75 ea.)

48 Distance Healings over 48 days:   $850   ($17.70 ea.)

Urgent Distance Healing: $150 (usually within 24 hours)

Refund Policy

Refunds on services including any and all services offered, including webinars, any type of healing such as Distance Healing, Urgent Distance Healing, Phone Sessions. You will receive a 100% refund if you cancel at least 24 hours before the service is rendered. If the service is canceled less than 24 hours before the service is rendered, there is a $50 cancellation fee. We cannot offer a refund after the service has begun. For all refunds please contact us.