The Span Of A Lifetime...

     It's been said that a young-man thinks about women, a middle-aged man thinks about money, and an old-man thinks about his bowels.

I remember giving a lot of thought to quite a few things across the span of my life. Bicycles, go-carts, mini-bikes, motorcycles… 

Stereo systems were a big deal for a few decades. I listened to a lot of good music. Girls were in there too, and women. Some still are.

I read a lot of books. For a time there, I’d get five or more from the library each week. 

From pre-school on I remember being interested in inventing. I wanted to know how things worked and I’d often take things apart to learn about them. Usually they were broken things, and sometimes I’d be able to fix them, but more often they provided parts and pieces for things I would attempt to create.

I grew tenacious in my desire to understand things, and to be able to do something new, or different with the things, to create something new, or solve a problem in novel ways.

Sometimes it took a lot of time and deep thought to solve a problem, but since I didn’t watch much television, I had plenty time.

Years ago, I shared a few things I created on the internet at And there’s a place-holder site for my hydroponic project here:

I also wrote and narrated a couple of books, available on Amazon and audible and other places.

I still appreciate inventions and other creative things, but when I came across healing with subtle energy, I was captivated. This was like a doorway to a whole new level in the video game of life. People were getting healed of all sorts of ailments with this stuff, and sometimes I thought I new how to explain how it happened, but my understanding was minuscule, meager at best. 

Maybe someday I’ll have a manuscript on the topic that’s worth reading, but for now, I’m just dancing with the Divine, living the mystery, and doing what I can to be helpful along the way.

~ S