Quantum Jumping

    Persistence of vision is a phenomenon that allows for the appearance of seamless motion in a movie, when in fact the film jumps blinkety-blink from picture to picture, frame to frame at 25 frames per second.

In my healing work I’ve seen things blink out of existence, apparently instantly as if the malady existed in one frame but not the next frame of reality! It’s pretty cool when that happens. It’s like the opportunity opens up to not have the illness continue and the person takes it. Like getting off one train and onto another on a different track.

Sometimes things disappear then return sometime later, maybe days, weeks, or months later. It’s like the person let’s go of the illness, and then re-create it. Maybe they think about it too much, give it too much validity, too much reality, or for whatever reason they come to disbelieve in the healing or the healer and the illness gets spliced back into the film of their life. I have to admit there is some continuity in letting an illness heal slowly rather than in an instant. It’s not quite so jarring.

At the quantum level reality is blinkety-blinking in and out of existence faster than the images in a motion picture. Bits and pieces of all that is persist on a given trajectory as they blink from frame to frame on the screen of spacetime reality. To be honest, I think I’d feel a little glitchy if I constantly focused on the quantum level of reality. 

So where do these quantum bits and pieces go in-between frames? And what impels them on a given trajectory or causes the trajectory to change, and what allows for them to blink out and not blink back in?

I don’t claim to know the mind of God, but as near as I can tell, miracles have something to do with expectation, which is another way of saying faith. You expect tomorrow will come, we expect summer to follow spring, you expect a book to fall if you drop it, and so on. Some things may catch us off-guard, like a tornado, a hurricane, or an earthquake, but we expect those sorts of things will happen from time to time. They keep things interesting and make way for change, like the asteroid that cleared the way for humans to inhabit earth. It was a sad day for the dinosaurs, but eventually it worked out well for the humans!

If we expect miracles, have faith in them, believe in them, and simply know they happen… we will experience them more often. If we spend more time contemplating the miracles we’ve experienced for ourselves our expectation or belief, our knowing and faith in miracles would increase, and our tendency to doubt or even forget that miracles happen daily around the world would wane. 

As we tune into the reality of miracles we begin to expect them, and they become more commonplace, and our lives can blink effortlessly onto a new trajectory. Turn signals are not required. Letting go of the old trajectory is. And don't spend too much time looking in the rear-view mirror, and the miracles will persist!

~ S