"Time and space are not..."

     Facilitating healing at a distance remains one of the most curious things I’ve ever done, even though I’ve been at it since 2004. 

The very first time I tried doing distance healing using subtle energy I got astounding results. I was in Charlotte, North Carolina, US, and the client was in Sydney, Australia. What was so wild about it was not just that the woman experienced relief, but she could feel what I was doing. This was even more wild since her husband asked me to do the healing work on her, but did not tell her that I’d be doing any such thing.

A couple of days ago I texted a recent client as a follow-up to sessions I’d done a week earlier, to find out how she was doing. She had experienced full relief of a number of ailments, and one had improved but was not gone. I offered to do a little more healing work on her if she agreed to give feedback while I tested some techniques that worked quite well on another client. She agreed and I said she should let me know if she felt anything while I was working on her to just send a text to let me know what she felt. 

The technique was basically what I’d normally do, only I’d be doing it while taking a walk. I discovered that I could do this some years earlier while talking to my mother on the phone while I was walking in the park. She experienced great relief from the technique on a number of different occasions. This time I was asking for feedback on what the client might feel while I was doing it. 

This particular client is very sensitive to subtle energy and responds extremely well to it. I was curious to find out what she might feel while I was walking and working on her.

She had a hernia on her abdomen that had been reduced in size by 50% in our earlier session, and it continued to improve and shrink, but hadn’t gone away entirely. I let her know I’d be working on that area and left it at that.

I began by ‘sweeping’ or combing the energy of her abdomen from one side to the other and within seconds I received a text letting me know she felt the energy scanning side to side. I then combed downward and a few seconds into it I got a text saying she felt the energy moving up and down. Then I began pulling energy out of her belly, reaching in and pulling outward and she texted saying she felt it moving in and out. Then I began stirring the energy in her abdomen in a counterclockwise direction and she texted that she felt a swirling of the energy. 

She got every one of them right within seconds of me starting each action. I moved on to other areas and she continued to give feedback that described each action that I performed, and sometimes she described the effects she was feeling, like ‘energy shooting down my legs’. 

It’d be interesting to participate in a scientific study on these things. I think I’d like to discuss these things in depth with scientific people with open minds. However, a lot of scientists don’t accept the notion of action at a distance. It goes against the accepted laws of physics. Unfortunately, rather than amend the “laws” to allow what has been observed, it is denied, or relegated to imagination, the placebo effect, or some other domain besides natural laws or something fundamental like a branch of physics. 

Albert Einstein said, "Time and space are not conditions in which we live, but modes by which we think. Physical concepts are free creations of the human mind, and are not, however it may seem, determined by the external world.”  I’d like to have a chat with him about that.

Perhaps distance healing belongs in the field of metaphysics. I’m okay with that. However, the problem with metaphysics is it usually isn’t very scientific. Different people get different results, or they come up with very different explanations for what might be the same phenomena. Some will insist their views are correct, others will argue their views are correct, and some avoid the matter altogether. 

Subtle energy structures like the different chakras and different layers of auras, meridians and so on, aren’t generally accepted as being fixed, or all figured out. That is, different schools teach different things about them. One school may say there are seven major chakras, another may say there are nine or eleven major chakras. And what I’ve found is much of the available teachings are simply taken on faith. Students aren’t necessarily taught how to sense an aura or a chakra for themselves so they could actually find where they are located for themselves. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some sort of film that could capture images of these things? I’m not talking about so-called ‘aura cameras’ you may come across at a new age festival or fair. Rather, something that isn’t quite so quick invite scorn from the scientific community.

It’d be excellent if we could image the subtle energy body while it was being worked on at a distance. Then we might be able to see what techniques work best. But, I think there are many factors that go into the mix in a healing session. Not the least of which is how much a client trusts the healer, or the notion that this kind of healing actually works, the environment the client is in, and the environment the healer is in, and many other factors.

I think my taking a walk on a sunny day facilitated my healing ability. Perhaps walking occupied my conscious mind while my subconscious mind was able to attend to the healing work better. 

I’ve come to consider the conscious mind and intellect as one, though some may prefer to consider the intellect one aspect of the mind. I’ve also begun to consider the subconscious, the heart, and the soul as the same thing. Some people may say I’m over-simplifying, but hey, it works for me, at least for now, so I’ll go with it.

Walking down the street not only occupied my intellect as I watched where I was going, but the crisp cool air, blue sky, towering trees and occasional hawk winging overhead opened my heart, allowing me to access deeper regions of the soul and my intuition. 

Someone may say, “Oh, yeah, that’s left-brain, right-brain stuff.” However you look at it, the trick seems to be to not get too intellectual or left brain about it, and not go too deep into the right brain and lose track of what you’re doing. Something like that.

Maybe I’ll only be able to hint at, or point in the direction of what is going on when I do distance healing, and someone else will explain it all in a different way. And if you are interested in doing the work, then give it a try, get out of your head and feel your way into it. Be easy about it and see what happens. At the very least you’ll get some exercise.

~ S