One Way Of Looking At This

3 in 1

     We are living in three overlapping realms that make up the Universe around us. The physical, the subtle and the causal.  The physical world around us is composed of coarse matter, our bioenergetic body is composed of subtle matter, and beyond these two levels of matter is the causal realm. (like I said, I’m trying to keep this simple.)

The Coarse Level

     All the elements on the periodic table and all the compounds of these are on the coarse, physical level of existence.  Our bodies are composed of coarse matter.  Lakes and streams and rocks and stars in the night sky are too.  Everything we perceive with our coarse, or normal five senses is composed of coarse matter. This includes coarse energy as well-ordinary heat, light, etc.

For healing at this level we want to give our physical bodies high quality foods, to get proper rest, plenty of clean water, exercise and so on.  

The Subtle Level

     In addition to the physical body, everyone has a bioenergetic body. This body is made up of your aura, your energetic pathways (sometimes called meridians), and energetic vortexes that vary in size and intensity, (sometimes called chakras and acupuncture or acupressure points).  Our bioenergetic body is also comprised of different layers. All of this is made up of subtle matter and subtle energy. Some people can see this energy body, or just some parts of it.  Others can feel it.  Some sensitive electronic equipment can detect parts of it.

Subtle matter and energy is all around us in our environment.  Some areas have much more of it than other areas. A huge asphalt parking lot does not have an abundance of this energy. Natural forests and other areas where we see nature thriving do have an abundance of subtle energy.   We can soak this energy up by hanging around in an environment that has plenty of it. We also can learn ways to draw it to ourselves and to channel it to others.  This is something energy healers learn to do. 

Subtle energy is used to rebuild our energy bodies just like food is used to rebuild our coarse energy or physical bodies.  One key factor though, is that the template, or blueprint if you will, of how to rebuild or repair the physical body is held in the subtle bioenergetic body.  The physical body needs a healthy subtle energy body, with a complete and accurate template to hold in place the energetic mold that is used to create the physical body.  The reverse is true as well; we need a healthy physical body to support the bioenergetic body.  A lot of the things you do to create a healthy physical body will also help create a healthy subtle energy body.

However, the subtle energy body benefits from being massaged with subtle energy.  Energy pathways and vortexes are cleared and charged up using subtle energy.  Stagnant subtle matter and energy is cleared away using subtle energy.  We use subtle energy to directly heal and help the subtle body in ways physical manipulations, such as massage, do not.  

The Causal Level

     Life, the divine force that animates each of us, and indeed all of life we can possibly ever know, comes directly from the causal realm.  We can rightly call this the realm of God, Source, The Universe, or whatever you choose to call this.  Words and the intellect can never adequately describe this.  It’s just not possible.  The human mind cannot comprehend it, cannot contain it, but we as spirits can have  experiences that bring us into this level to some degree. If it is to a large degree, if we can let go of our intellect and our ego, we can have direct experience of the divine.  This is where we experience Oneness.  Where we come to know the truth of the saying, “What helps one, helps all and what hurts one, hurts all”.  There are many names for this experience;  Nirvana, enlightenment, paradise, heaven, bliss, ecstasy, joy, peace, serenity, tranquility and more.

Where Healing Comes From

A healer doesn’t heal.  God, The Creator, Source, or The Universe, or whatever name you use for this higher power does the healing.  The healer may sweep away dirty energy and blockages, or be a channel for subtle energy for the physical and subtle bodies of the client, and that which comes from the causal level directs the healing. 

A healer can develop his ability and take as much training as he or she can from as many teachers as are available, but the healer will never take over the role of God. 

This doesn’t mean a healer isn’t doing work.  He or she certainly does, it may even be effortless work.  But usually a lot of effort goes into making it effortless.  Like a musician with an instrument or an artisan at work.  

I find my ability as a healer increases to the degree I am able to do the following:

  1. Become aware of and feel the subtle energy of the Universe around me and increase the flow of it through my physical and subtle bodies.  
  2. Become aware of and feel the subtle energies of the client I am working on.
  3. Move to some degree into the causal level by quieting my mind and experiencing the unconditional love that is pervasive and palpable at level.  
  4. Practice a lot and do exercises to stay in shape and in tune with the subtle and with the causal.  There is an art to this and a discipline.

Healing with subtle energy requires is an ability or skill that can be learned and developed with practice, much like playing a piano or other instrument can be learned and developed with practice. The more you practice the better you get.  

~ S