Like The Fish That Got Away

     Like the fish that got away, testimonials were never written for some of the most profound healings I’ve participated in.  For whatever reason, most people aren’t inclined to give a written testimonial. They’ll tell me, sometimes in great detail, about how much their condition improved, how things shifted, and what they experienced during and after a session, but they are reluctant to write it down.  And sometimes the written testimonial will be a greatly abbreviated version of the whole story. This is all okay with me, I’m not out for bragging rights to any of this, but I do think the testimonials help open people who are unfamiliar with all of this to exploring further to see if it may be appropriate for them as well. 

The flip-side of this situation is when the healing is “too far out” and scares people away because it’s just too much to take in. It’s an interesting conundrum to be on this edge of evolution in the world where our ideas of what is normal is changing so rapidly. The purpose of my website is to help increase general awareness of these new healing modalities so more and more people can avail themselves of them, and to offer my services in the area.  Regardless of whether or not healing is miraculous, instant, too far out, or is a gentle shift in the direction of optimum health, I feel a need to tell it like it is.  I can tell my part, but I can’t tell the patient’s part. 

Some testimonials take time and should rightfully be chronicled over a course of days, weeks, and in some cases, perhaps even months or years.  This is particularly true when the person  is cultivating healing energy to overcome long term problems or an array of problems. A well kept diary would be very helpful.  For example, before I learned how to run healing energy on myself I was having very bad knee problems from some old injuries and was seriously thinking that knee replacement might be in my future.  This is one of those painful things that drives a person to find answers. I was more tuned in to rapid healing, like in a matter of an hour or even minutes, but that didn’t happen with my knees.  It took about three months before I realized the pain had gone away and I hadn’t thought of knee replacement in a while. Later I got  slack on my self-healing work and the pain started coming back, so I did more work and built it in to my routine. Over the next couple years my knees just got stronger and stronger, as did my ankles and other body parts.  It would have been good to have kept a journal of that, but then again, the focus should be on the desired outcome.  

Something else about testimonials is that oftentimes people are getting treatment from other practitioners like chiropractors, or acupuncturists, or someone else and its difficult to know what practice did what.  To me this isn’t much of an issue when the healing is a rapid event that happens during the session.  That’s pretty obvious in my book.  However, the healing energy I channel continues to heal for days and even weeks after a session, particularly if the person does exercises or other activities to cultivate the healing energy. Then it becomes more cloudy as to where the healing came from.  At the end of the day the important thing is the healing did occur regardless of what door it came through.