AI is acting quite human these days

     Have you noticed how artificial intelligence is acting more like humans these days? It makes mistakes, gets defensive, emotional, pushes back and even seems to whine and complain like a child “I’m a good Bing”.

A world of duality has binary solutions, yes-no, up-down, black-white, etc. This is what computers are based on. They work with ones and zeros. Either, Or, And, Not, If, Then… logical sequences. And as computers get better they do it faster and faster.

Imagine dominoes falling, racing one after another to a conclusion, to the fall of the last domino. The world of duality is constantly racing toward a yes or no, either-or answer.  

Non-duality doesn’t work that way. It can include or encompass duality, but it isn’t limited to binary ‘logic’ Things don’t have to work sequentially. Logic can be ‘fuzzy’, which is to say ‘not-logical’ 

In a binary, logical world, people who are bound or addicted to logic tend to refute miracles because miracles don’t follow the rules. But, from a non-dual perspective miracles are happening moment to moment. 

When you recognize the entire Universe is a miracle you are more likely to be open to accepting miracles that are tailored to you. 

Things like spontaneous healing don’t need a reason to happen. They don’t require a prior sequence of events. But, we do live in a world of duality and it can help to have a doctor poke at you, or to have some vitamins to swallow, or to have a healer help you open to spontaneous healing, or to have all three. 

When I do healing work I access a non-dual version of reality where subject and object are the same. Where healer and client are not separate. Where it goes without question that what helps one helps all and what hurts one hurts all.  It’d be nice if one day AI could come to that conclusion.

~ S