Cultivate Your Energy

Cultivate Your Energy

We each have to make choices and changes to cultivate a better lifestyle in order to get the most benefit from healing with subtle energy. Sometimes our energetic patterns become like habits that tend to stay the same unless we do what it takes to make the positive change permanent.

A single subtle energy session, or a series of them, can sometimes produce miraculous results, but it is up to you to cultivate your continued healing and overall health, to truly change your path in life, (if this is what is needed and truly desired).

You can cultivate your energy in many different ways.  The usual include improving your diet,  exercise routines, meditation and other spiritual practices. I can also teach you exercises that increase the flow of subtle energy in your body. I often recommend 1 or 2 movements that can increase the flow of energy where needed.

Are you open to changing your diet?  The Standard American Diet (SAD Diet) is pretty awful. For some packaged food you might be better off eating the package than what’s inside it! (just kidding)  Personally I lean toward a plant based diet with a lot of RAW food, (but I cheat). 

Are you open to finding a new form of exercise that might suit the person you would like to become? 

I like long walks in nature, qi gong, other healing energy exercises, meditations, and sometimes I like to go dancing. Other people go for bicycle rides, running, playing sports, and so on.  Some like to join a group to get more fit and some like their exercise alone or just with a partner.  It’s best to find what works for you.  Explore and find what you and your body like most.

Getting into nature where there is more subtle energy available for you to soak up is usually a good idea. Get out of the city and into the country for a day or two, or longer...

As for spiritual practices, some forms of qi gong, tai-chi, and yoga are very powerful for cultivating healing energy and can be a spiritual practice in itself.  Keep in mind there are many different styles of these and many different teachers. They are not all alike. If one form, or teacher doesn’t tickle your fancy, then maybe another will.