Believe It Or Not!

Believe It Or Not!

You do not have to believe in healing with subtle energy for it to work for you. It works on dogs and cats and other animals and we certainly don’t expect them to become believers for it to work on them.  

I once worked on a tumor under a dog’s left eye. It was about the size and shape of a large marble. Within a few seconds, the tumor shrank in size by about 1/3. It shrank so rapidly I did a double-take and asked the dog’s owner if she saw what I thought I'd just seen. She said she did see it but it was still a bit difficult to accept. I showed her how to cultivate the energy and the dog’s owner continued on her own to flow energy into the tumor over the next couple of weeks and she told me it shrank so much if you didn’t know it was there you wouldn’t notice it. 

I know of other healers who have worked on pets and have seen tumors and other conditions clear up as a result. That seems to indicate rather clearly that this healing with subtle energy goes beyond belief.

Actively blocking energy is not the same as not believing in the energy. In fact, actively blocking subtle energy is a tacit admission that you do believe in subtle energy and that for some reason you feel you need to protect yourself from it.

Why else might a person block the healing?  

Some people don’t seem to want to get better. I believe there are books available on this subject. Also, I have met people who seemed afraid of healing energy. Apparently, it’s too spooky for them. Maybe they’ve been told by someone who wants to control them that it’s dangerous. 

One woman I worked on at a social gathering had a bump on her back the size of half a grapefruit. In about 15 minutes it went away and her daughter saw this before and after and the woman went and told her husband about what happened and he came in and glared at me, and a few minutes later he was taking the woman out of there. I guess to get the both of them away from me. I’m pretty sure he believed this stuff worked, but I also think he believed some other things about it too. I suppose I could speculate on what those limiting beliefs were, but those sorts of beliefs are different from whether or not you believe this works or not.  

I’ve seen more than one person’s eyes get big when they feel this energy begin flowing through them, and then I watched them pull away and deny that it had happened at all. It upset their ideas of reality far too much. They took one step into the world of subtle energy and high-tailed it out of there. It’s possible that at one time or another in my life I would have done the same thing.

I’ve also seen people open up to receive the energy coming through my hands, not expecting much, and then when the flow of energy was undeniable and maybe more than they’d ever experienced before, they began to minimize my role in bringing the energy in and channeling it to and through them, and then began to block it when it became evident that I was directing the energy. They believed in the energy, but didn’t want to believe it could be coming through an ordinary guy like me? Who knows? People can be precious in a weird sort of way at times.

I’m also aware of what I call the Alpha Male Syndrome. This mainly comes from guys who want to be the leader in everything. Women can be just as bad as men in this regard. These good folk tend to minimize the healers' ability and then do what they can to take credit for any healing that takes place. These people want to be in control. I used to be one of them. With enough energy work, that too can be healed. I still work on my trust issues from time to time. After all, letting go can be quite a challenge.

More and more people are becoming aware of this healing energy and are using it to heal all sorts of issues, not just physical body issues. Healing with subtle energy can be applied to the entire Body-Mind-Spirit complex. Unfortunately, some people see this as competition for their business interests. Sickness is big business. I have no sympathy for anyone who tries to make little of healing energy or the role of anyone who puts in the time learning how to work with it to help themselves and others with it.

Believing or not believing is one thing, but thwarting healing efforts, minimizing the art, confusing the issues, and trying to dominate the events are all games of the ego and slow the work down tremendously. Without all that baloney it’s a lot of fun and can be extremely beneficial.

Believe it or not, healing with subtle energy is a growing phenomenon in the world today. More and more people are willing to set the greater portion of their egos aside, let their guard down a bit, and experience rapid healing, and become more aware of their energy body and of themselves as spiritual beings with a body. They are more and more willing to move beyond belief and increase the life in their life! Believe it or not, it is happening!

~ S