Chapter 38 Not The End

Healers experience many of the maladies that other people experience. We aren’t immune to sickness, pain, or discomfort. At times, my body has aches and pains from pushing it too hard, or from having damaged it, and so on. And, I’m not excused from paying attention to what I eat, or the amount of exercise I get, and I have to pay attention to how the needs of my body change as it gets older. 

I have not had a cold or flu, or bronchitis, or any of the other illnesses that I had tended to get before becoming a healer, but I’m not immune to all illnesses. Also, I experience a wide range of emotions like most people do, but I don’t experience the coarser emotions as intensely, or as often as I used to. I’m not above it all.

    Our bodies go through the same life cycle that others go through. Healing with subtle energy isn’t about keeping the body going forever, but rather to help it run smoothly, helping it recover from illness or damage as best it can for as long as it serves you well. Some healing techniques focus on making the body look and feel younger, and they can be effective to a degree, but they won’t prevent the inevitable.

If someone is dying, or about to leave their body, it may be more appropriate to provide comfort than to try to “heal” death. Now, with that said, I recently sent healing energy to comfort a young man that I was told was next to death. I just opened to the flow of energy through me to be used as was appropriate. I didn’t think trying to heal him was realistic, but I instantly felt a significant flow of very cool energy being pulled through my hands when I did this. It lasted for maybe ten seconds or so. The next day I got word that his condition changed markedly for the better and he started on the road to recovery. There was a judgment call there and I decided to just be a conduit for whatever would be most helpful. The intelligent energy knew more about it than I ever could. It always does.

I guess is that at the end of life, the subtle energy would provide comfort, perhaps pain relief if that was needed, to help ease the transition back into non-physical. When my time comes I believe that would suit me quite well.

In the meantime, I’m drawn to learn ever more about the larger, much more expansive view of the Universe that I’ve become aware of through my awakenings to non-duality and the world of subtle energy. I feel certain the growth in understanding that comes from exploring these things will continue to serve me well after I’ve made the transition and continue life’s adventures in non-physical.

~ S 

The End