Chapter 37 Not The Final Frontier

Much of what I’ve written focuses on subtle energy as a generalized phenomenon, a more or less ‘standard’, or a universal energy that all healing, or even that all life relies on. At this time I don’t feel that is an accurate assessment of subtle energy. I feel there is more to it and it deserves delving deeper into. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine discusses different types of subtle, or vital energy. Not all of the schools agree. Some say there are three kinds, some say four, others say five, but I’m not in a position to comment intelligently about those divisions. For the most part, they concern themselves with the flow of energy through the body. 

I have avoided going too far into book learning without accompanying practical exercises to go along with the  books. This meant I had to experience subtle energy phenomena for myself. Mostly my skepticism prevented me from taking anything on faith. I let my guard down a time or two, to allow for possibilities, but it sometimes opened me to disappointments of one type or another. Nevertheless, gaining greater and greater sensitivity to subtle energy allowed me to experience first-hand phenomena like the inner and outer auras, the energy of chakras, and to some degree the structure of chakras and some of the things we can find in the aura and the chakras. I didn’t take anyone’s word for these things. I felt them, worked with them, and saw the beneficial results of my efforts.

Nevertheless, becoming aware of subtle energies and subtle influences affecting life on every perceptible level is an ongoing process. It would be presumptuous to claim to have become aware of all of it. I dove deep, but there is more. 

I can attest to the fact that becoming sensitive to subtle energy can have the negative impact of becoming more aware of the influence of coarse energies in society in general. The chaos in the world can be tiring. 

When I took a break from healing with subtle energy my sensitivity and awareness of subtle energy phenomena gradually reduced. However, now and then someone asked for healing and I would do what I could and I started to find unexpected and profound changes in the way healing work happened. 

Often the healing would be almost instant. Maybe after ten or twenty seconds, a dramatic shift might occur that I could sometimes sense in my hands. An ailment that someone may have suffered with for decades would vanish that quickly, and there was very little energy about it. At first, I thought it was a fluke, and I wasn’t doing enough healing work to notice what was happening. I wasn’t putting much effort into the work. In most instances, I wasn’t getting paid, and I wasn’t very interested in pursuing the work the way I had.

This was a big deal. Another paradigm shift I suppose. The universe had me stop using a lot of subtle energy to show me that it wasn’t necessary. That dramatic results could be achieved with little effort. 

As I reviewed my years of doing healing work I recognized many times when a dramatic shift happened, seemingly regardless of my efforts. The mass disappearing from that woman’s back from Chapter 1 is one of those events. I attributed that sudden healing to opening subtle energy channels in her hands, feet, arms, and legs, which allowed the subtle energy to work on the mass. But I can’t say that’s what did it. I know it was beyond me either way. I facilitated it, but I did not perform a miracle.

The woman who experienced relief from pain across her entire back from fibromyalgia hadn’t told me that was affecting her before I worked on her. I explained that and other healings with the general idea that opening channels and sending healing energy was like watering your plants. They use the water as needed. You don’t have to do more than give it to them.

Similarly, the woman who purposely didn’t tell me about what she needed healing work on, benefitted from the general clearing of tangles and blockages and applying subtle energy, although at that time I was able to sense in some detail where the tangles were and could feel when sufficient energy had been given.

More recently I held my right hand several inches over the back of the hand of a woman who was idly chatting with me and told me she had a lump there and in less than a minute she looked at her hand and said, “It’s gone.” 

In another incident, a woman sent me a testimonial describing a condition she had gone to specialists for and spent a fair amount of money to no avail. And yet it seemed that being with me healed it. I was not aware of the condition and I did not at any time attempt to do any healing work on her. She didn’t even believe in the healing work. Maybe she just lightened up and it let go. We did laugh together a few times.

This new level of healing with subtle energy in no way invalidates the other methods or techniques. But I will do what I can to understand it, and or my role as a healer in working with it,  so I can get better at it and expand my awareness of the universe as it presents itself to me. 

I’ve repeated several times that I’m not the one who does the healing. It happens through me, or I facilitate it, or whatever. I can’t adequately explain it to myself. 

I’ve done what I could to teach clients to cultivate the flow of subtle energy through their bodies for continued healing and to free them from any notion they may become dependent on me for the subtle energy or healing. 

I don’t know how far healing with subtle energy will take me but I’m in it for the duration and I’ll let it guide me where it will.

I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to speak of non-duality as a realm. After all, a realm implies boundaries like those of a kingdom, and non-duality rises above boundaries or dissolves them, and I sense the many boundaries of the universe give way to the subtle energy and my effortless awareness. 

~ S