Chapter 36 No Touch Healing

The healing methods I use in person do not require physically touching either. However, when done in person I may touch a hand or foot in the process, or to touch an area on the body, say on the back where you can’t see, to indicate  where I’m finding something, or to just bring your attention to the area.

The little touching I do serves to bridge awareness from the coarse level to the subtle level. At the subtle level energy interacts with energy in ways that can be challenging to describe. 

As an analogy consider magnetic fields that interact without the magnets touching. The magnetic fields can’t be seen, but we can feel the pull or push of the fields when we hold a pair of magnets somewhat close together. This is not so-called magnetic healing, or magnet therapy, I’m just using magnets as an example of how energy fields can interact without the physical counterparts touching. In the same way, a magnet has a magnetic field surrounding it, your physical body has an energetic field surrounding it. This is where the majority of energy healing work  takes place.

I use energy to comb, cleanse, and energize your energy body. I use an extended sense of feeling, one that anyone can learn, to feel energetic disturbances and clear them. 

Traumas of a physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual nature can become lodged in the various levels of the energy body. Clearing these can sometimes result in what seems like miraculous healing. 

On close inspection, we find what seems like miracles are the result of working within nature in ways we are only beginning to understand. No-touch healing should be stated as “non-physical touch healing,” after all, we are touching on the subtle energy level.

There is no substitute for study, practice, and growing into this work. The focus is predominantly in an unseen area, so it may come across as very mysterious. However, electricity, magnetism, and gravity were once very mysterious forces, (and still are mysterious for some of us) yet over time men and women of science have shown us how to work with these forces and use them to our advantage.  The same is true in energy healing. Some great men and women have been showing us how to work with these unseen energies and use them to heal one another with them. It’s up to us to learn and use them, and when possible, to add our understanding to the field.

~ S