Chapter 35 Coloring The Healing Energy

I think you’ll find that all healers add their own ‘color’ or their own character to the subtle energy that flows through them.  I’m not referring to an actual color that you’d see with your eyes, like red or green. I’m speaking of how the energy coming through one person can feel so different than the energy coming through another person.

Some healers put out soft, safe feeling energy that is extremely relaxing.  I can go right to sleep and snore while receiving this energy and wake up feeling well-rested. The healer who has this effect on me is honored that I can open to trust her so much, that I let my guards down completely and let her work on me while I nap.

Every sort of coloration could be added to subtle energy as it passes through a healer, but in my opinion, the least amount of coloration is the best. Just be a conduit for the energy and get out of the way is the optimum approach.  I believe the least adulterated subtle energy is the most useful in healing.  

Consider the idea of adding compassion or love to the subtle energy.  Sounds like a nice thing, but different people have wildly varying ideas of what compassion or love is.  When you start tossing in ideas about empathy, or sympathy, or understanding, you open the door to muddying up the water.  

Though I may understand that your lower back hurts, (if that’s what you’ve told me), and I can flow subtle energy directly to it, I don’t understand, and don’t need to understand how it got that way, or how you feel about it or anything else. Healing with subtle energy isn’t talk therapy.  It doesn’t help to tell me the Latin name of a particular body part.  All of that engages the intellect and what we want is to go beyond the intellect and open the door to that subtle energy so it can flow in with the fewest filters, the least number of modifiers, including our feeble attempts to label and understand it as it comes in, or even worse, to understand it before we allow it to come in. Understanding comes after, not before, and not during.  Trying to understand ahead of the event blocks it.  If it’s a truly miraculous event you may spend the rest of your life trying to understand it or put it into words, but you would have had to have gotten your intellect out of the way for it to have happened in the first place.  

Healers, by being human, will color the subtle energy in a subtle or not-so-subtle way.  It’s like adding something else to pure water.  You can add a drop of something or many drops, or you can do your best to just serve up clean, clear water.

You may or may not like the way a particular healers’ energy feels, including mine.  Honor your feelings, and find another healer if you feel that you should.  I would.  But please don’t just give up on this energy healing stuff if you’ve had a poor experience of it.  It could come to be a great thing in your life.  You might become a pretty good healer yourself.

~ S