Chapter 33 matrix | 'matriks |

matrix | ˈmātriks |

noun (plural matrices | ˈmātrisēz | or matrixes)

1. an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure: free choices become the matrix of human life.

That last part is revealing; “Free choices become the matrix of human life”. Essentially we are creating it as we go. However, I don’t think it is only free choices that create the matrix. From birth onward, we are taught to accept various sets of beliefs without question. Once we get past the terrible twos, most of us have to become teenagers before we seriously question what our parents and other authorities have told us. 

Throughout life, we get bombarded with manipulative techniques designed to influence our behavior. Have you noticed the volume on your tv goes up when an ad comes on? Ministers raise their voices and speak in rousing tones about fire and brimstone and dire consequences to get us to repent for our sins by opening our wallets and giving freely. Politicians do pretty much the same thing. The underlying message is ‘you are in danger, pay me to protect you.’ Those examples are just some of what’s in the matrix.

Be on the alert for an emotionally evocative soundtrack, wagging fingers, and practiced outrage, exaggerations, misinformation, disinformation, missing information, or the fine print legalese that goes on for page after page ending with a ‘click here to accept’ which is intended to remind us we have a free choice in the matter.

Communication karate techniques are part of the matrix too. You say one thing and someone throws it to the mat with a sharp retort, a pointed yeah but. 

I’ve heard it said that no one can heal you, you can only heal yourself. It’s an interesting point of view, but I want to ask the people who say these things if they go to dentists or doctors, or get a massage, or do they get help from others like most of us do? What’s the point of saying something like that? In some instances, I suspect it’s communication karate running on automatic. Examine the intention of the communication, does it lead to greater understanding? Is it helpful, or is it a block to further exploring the matter? (Look behind the curtain.)

I read somewhere that man lacks significant fur, fangs, and claws so that we are forced to rely on one another. We don’t do well alone in the wild. It’s built into us to learn to live together. It’s just part of the big picture, the overall plan, and part of this phase of the never-ending journey. That makes sense to me. Unfortunately, most of humanity seems to be running on old programs that benefit a few at the expense of many. It’s not very equitable, not sustainable in the long run.

I’ve seen how the power of suggestion or a change of mind can shift someone right out of sickness. I’ve also seen how stubborn beliefs and attitudes can prevent healing. It happens. However, when you have someone open to receive, who is interested in change and focusing on positive outcomes, along with the help of a doctor, acupuncturist, or masseuse, or energy healer, then significant and stable shifts can occur. You can’t force healing, but you can facilitate it.

Some say it’s all about your beliefs, that your beliefs allow or disallow events in your life, including healing, etc. Well, what about dogs, horses, and ducks? Do they have expectations about healing? Does a healer somehow get them to change a belief so they can heal? What about when it’s done at a distance? What we believe certainly influences the way we perceive and experience the world but what are the limits to that influence?

Intention is a major factor shaping our lives, and the laws of the physical universe affect us as well. I obey the laws of gravity whether I want to or not. What about the etheric realm? Energy workers deal with it regularly. It’s another layer in the matrix. If you believe it doesn’t exist does it no longer affect you, or is it more like gravity in that regard. Are there other layers affecting us? I don’t see why there wouldn’t be. 

You could have a bucket full of beliefs, most of which you don’t remember, and they probably don’t all agree with one another, so there’s a lot of confusion in the belief layer of the matrix. Then there’s the physical world that dictates things, like when to plant your garden, when to water it, when to harvest, and so on. Also, the moon causes tides, and maybe the motions of other planets have a subtle influence on us as well. 

Your aura is on the etheric level of the matrix. Acupuncture points on the body correspond to tiny energy junctures that lie on subtle energy pathways. This is an example of the two layers intersecting and interacting. Stick a needle in at the right place and energy starts flowing on another layer of the matrix, which in turn contributes to healing the physical body. These things have been described and worked with for over 3,000 years. Nadis are even smaller than acupuncture points and it’s said there are 350,000 of them on the body. There’s a lot to this.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all. We could spend endless lifetimes learning all these things, which would make an impressive body of knowledge. And yet, I wonder if we as a people could ever come to a point where the lust for money or power didn’t drive people to obscure and invalidate those things that detract from their profits and power. Imagine if one very inexpensive product could replace 20% of the drugs at a pharmacy. Say it costs ten cents for a daily dose and after a month or two you no longer needed it. You can bet your bottom dollar the pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies of the world would not promote it. This brings up another influence shaping our societies: hidden agendas. Politicians routinely promise one thing to get elected, then do another to fulfill backroom agreements with the sordid and the powerful. Conspiracies abound. I call this layer the malarky matrix. 

It seems that happiness is a threat to politicians, as peace is a threat to arms manufacturers, and being debt-free is a threat to bankers, and being healthy is a threat to the healthcare industry. This is more of the matrix. Disengaging from the matrix is healing. Untangling our attention from the matrix restores inner peace, and there’s no substitute for inner peace. You don’t have to figure out all the ins and outs of the matrix to rise above it. Just let it go. Reduce the amount of importance you give to those things and let them go.

There’s a lot to unlearn as we learn these things. 

With practice, I was able to put much of that stuff aside and focus on practicing healing for myself and others. For the most part, my practice had good outcomes. I wonder though how much better it could be if I could see the etheric level, the nadis, and chakras,  and so on. It seems that should make it much easier. But then again, some of the greatest musicians were blind. They went by listening and by feel. 

Maybe one day technology will come up with a way for us to image these energies and the channels they flow along, the way we image inside the body with ultrasound, X-rays, and MRIs. Surely such images would help us understand and learn, but eventually, the best healers would probably access yet another layer of the matrix, or they’d go beyond the matrix, and go by intuition and a sense of feel beyond physical touch and take their guidance from the causal level. 

Nevertheless, it’d be interesting to see the energy body get cleaned up and brighten up and to see energy start flowing better during a healing session. That’d be great. It’d be a heck of a tool for learning. 

If we can attune to our body and be guided by our inner knowing, about what is good or not good for us, to intuit what is fake news, propaganda, or disinformation, then we’d be able to cut through quite a few layers of the matrix. That would give us much more dominion over our lives, individually and collectively. It would be a game-changer.

I’ve read that the pineal gland is instrumental in accessing our intuition. I’ve also read that fluoride in our drinking water damages the pineal gland. It smacks of conspiracy, but fluoride is a neurotoxin. It used to be sold as rat poison and was used to subdue detainees in concentration camps during WWII. Many countries have banned its use. Putting it in our water supplies appears to be a crime against humanity perpetrated by people who surely believe that to be safe, they must control the masses by subduing our intuitive ability. It’s an insidious element of the matrix.


I’ve mentioned many books, teachings, teachers, and methods and I trust that if you are drawn to learn more you will find them to be valuable resources. My intent here is to help unravel the matrix and advance the field of healing with subtle energy so that it can be more broadly accepted and put to good use in the world. 

I’ve included many testimonials in this writing to help validate energy work in general. Here are two more:


“For several years, I had excruciating pain in my right foot. At times it was manageable, but at others, I could hardly walk on it and I had been doing acupuncture to help the pain as well.  I met Steve at a meeting one night and I heard that he did energy work, I always go for natural paths in medicine before I go with the traditional ones,  so one day he came over to work on my mother and I and it took about two hours or so as he worked on my entire energy field. Results came right away when I could put weight on my foot and move around even though the pain did not entirely go away until the following day.

Steve is a genuine person who has a great gift to heal others.

Much Love, 



“I was speaking with Steve last evening and he noticed how hoarse my voice was. I told him a cold or something had come on in the last couple of days. A cough, stuffy, a bit of fever; feeling hot/cold associated with it. He asked if it was okay to do some healing work for me and as always I agreed! We were only on the phone a short time maybe 7-10 minutes at most. 

After the call, I had to get ready for bed and decided I would take some ibuprofen since it usually knocks me out and helps me with the fever. As I got myself settled I noticed within 45 min to an hour that I felt MUCH better. The coughing had almost stopped and pressure in my chest had lifted. It was also odd that I felt totally energized and not tired at all like I expected. I was able to stay awake and enjoy reading and research until the wee hours. Then I fell asleep with no effort whatsoever. 

This morning I woke and was so pleased to feel much much better all over. I called him to tell him so and right away he mentioned how much better my voice was. 

Bless you, Steve, for being such a wonderful healer and friend! 

RL Thanks, Steve! “


In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that healing energy work is another aspect of the matrix. One that tends to untangle other aspects of the matrix, unless of course, you are using it to manipulate or deceive or dominate and subjugate, in which case it adds layers to the lasagna of life.

~ S