Chapter 31 Playtime

Playing around with the energy can be fun, like when I first got going and would get together with a friend and play with the energy between our hands, pulling and stretching it out as far as we could. I never saw any problem with that. It’s part and parcel of getting familiar with it. The same goes for feeling someone’s aura. It’s one of the things you do to get familiar with it. When I gave demonstrations or presentations, I always had the people in attendance do these things. It kept things lively and made sure it wasn’t all theoretical or intellectual. It literally put the topic of discussion in their hands.

There are many more exercises we can do to explore the subject for ourselves, to test the ideas, and to help ourselves and others as we increase our awareness and knowledge of the subject in general. I could quickly teach people simple things to do to help themselves and others heal more rapidly. Techniques to heal old injuries can be learned in minutes really, but it can help to have a deeper understanding of why the methods work, and most people may need a lot of practice to get good at it. 

On the other hand, you can take playing around too far. Stretching energy fields across a room or a stage doesn’t amount to much more than a parlor trick. You can impress the impressionable by doing those things, but you wouldn’t be healing, you’d most likely be showboating. It’s not hard to find videos of people doing bizarre things with subtle energy. There’s much to learn, but if you intend to dazzle or overwhelm others, I hope you tire of it quickly.

When the energy first started moving powerfully through me, I would feel pain in my right wrist. This went on for some time, and it occurred to me that the pain must be coming from an old injury I had when I was about 13 years old. I’d sprained my wrist badly, and the pain would return, sometimes mildly, sometimes sharply, then go away. However, this time the pain was increasing over time, coming and going and getting stronger each time. I reasoned that the flow of energy was restricted at the site of the injury due to some blockage or tangle in the channels or pathways the energy would normally flow through at the wrist. I figured combing through the area would be like brushing tangles out of hair.

I would sweep my right wrist with the energy coming out of my left hand. I’d sweep my left hand close to but not quite touching my right wrist, to comb through the tangles leftover from the injury. It took months of working on it now and then, like when watching a movie or waiting in line at a checkout, but eventually the pain, and the blockage were cleared, and the energy flowed much more powerfully through my right hand without causing any discomfort. Again, this is when I first started, and it took months to clear it up. Persistence paid off.

Stimulating and circulating energy through various parts of the body can have significant healing effects. Learning on your own or with a friend or two, or in larger groups, can be a lot of fun and quite practical, and it can be very healthy if the egos don’t go all wonky about it, and if you learn to take responsibility for what you are doing, particularly if your energy gets strong. 

There’s much more to all this that could be covered here. The intention is to give a sense of what can be done with this work. So even though I’ve given numerous examples of dramatic results, results don’t have to be exceptionally dramatic for a session to be considered successful. Healing my wrist took much quiet work over a long period. Each session showed minimal improvement in my condition, but over time with many sessions, some short and some longer, the results were pretty darned good. 

Dramatic results from healing sessions can be counterproductive by engendering unreasonable expectations for future sessions. They can inflate your ego and undermine receptivity to higher energies that are very conducive to success in healing work. 

I’ve seen healers of some note get up in front of a group and attempt to demonstrate their healing ability and fail. One guy on a stage had maybe 300 people in the audience watching as nothing happened. He turned away from his attempt and sort of pretended it didn’t happen. It was kind of cringe-worthy, but I don’t know that anyone held it against him. At least he tried.

Another demonstration failure caused the person giving the demo to get flustered. She was from the West coast and had hired professionals to do some public relations and marketing for her as she toured the East coast promoting her metaphysical books and training. She has several books and numerous followers, some of which helped fill the room, but the failed demonstration did nothing to boost confidence in her or her teachings. I don’t think she sold many books that day, but again, I don’t think anyone held it against her.

Being on the spot like that, whether pre-planned or off-the-cuff could cause someone to disconnect from their higher power, or inner guide, or whatever you wish to call it, and become self-conscious and introverted to some degree and put them out of the healing mode. There are exceptions though. Some people, like faith healers at revivals, seem to perform best when large numbers of people are watching. They like to have a lot of drama about their work. It seems to work for them.

Another thing that can throw you out of the healing mode is hostility. The chiropractor that asked me to work on him who was hostile to energy work is a prime example. He blocked the flow of energy, and then he turned on me which shut it all down. However, hostility doesn’t have to be as extreme as that to interfere with healing, growth, or improvement. You could be with a group of people discussing a topic that would typically invite a lowering of defenses and opening to new realizations and more profound understanding, and if someone there starts acting snarky or antagonistic, it can cause guards to go up and shut the healing process down. 

The teachers I’ve seen usually show groups of students how to do the work without giving one on one demonstrations of actual healing sessions. They typically leave that to students to do on one another during periods for practice given in the workshop. This is probably a wise way to go about doing this. Let beginners work with beginners and let the advanced students work with advanced students, and let the teacher direct the class.

I’ve mentioned some of the books I found that helped me learn energy work. There were others, but those mentioned have illustrations and exercises that were helpful in learning and practicing on my own. If you want to learn this work, you can take the weekend workshops, but there’s no substitute for study and practice on your own or with a friend or two. What I do is a blend of things that I’ve learned and intuited over time. It’s why in the beginning I called it healing energy arts. There’s an art to it, but my approach to it has kept it somewhat grounded with at least some semblance of the scientific method, albeit while reaching into octaves of reality not ordinarily acknowledged in the mainstream.

Instead of referring to my healing work as healing energy arts I now think of it as simply healing with subtle energy. The energies are considered subtle since they exist on another octave of reality than what we ordinarily experience with our five senses. It may take some attuning to these subtle energies to be able to sense and work with them, or you may already be attuned to them. Either way, playing around with the energy can be a great way to get more familiar with it and could lay a foundation for a greater understanding of the world we live in.

~ S