Chapter 30 A Subtle Matrix

A student of acupuncture asked for a demonstration of what I was doing, and I gave her an introduction by way of moving energy around her hands and talking a little about it. She had training on getting the energy to move through the natural pathways in the body with acupuncture needles. She was curious, or maybe she wanted to test me, and pointed to a spot on her body where there was some recurring pain from something that happened in the past and asked how I would work on that? I waved my hand over the spot and felt something get swept away, and her pain went away. Then she pointed to another, and I did it again. Then she said when she was a little girl, she fell off her bike and hurt her lower left abdomen. I waved my hand there, and again I could feel the tangled energy and I was able to remove it, or at least untangle it so it could flow smoothly. Each one of these happened in less than a minute. She suggested I could take on a few serious students but, to be honest, I felt to some degree like I was treading water. New and powerful things were showing up regularly, like what had just happened with her. I’d never done that before. I’d be more comfortable with the idea of teaching after I got a bit more stable with all this. I’m not sure I would know how to teach what I was doing. Not sure how to boil it down to short lessons drawn from years of studying diverse esoteric teachings, not to mention practicing and dealing with things no instructions I had found touched on. I had difficulty articulating all this. I wasn’t happy with the explanations I’d come across and couldn’t in clear-conscious parrot them as if they were my own. Also, the prospect of discussing it with people who had trained for years in other branches of the healing arts who could overwhelm me with technical terms and techniques if they wanted to was not inviting. I wasn’t seasoned enough, to take on students. I would have liked to find a teacher who could help me come to terms with all of this.

One day I called one of the instructors from a workshop I had taken years earlier to try to get a better understanding of some of what I was coming across. I wanted someone with more experience to talk to about this, and she suggested I may have done healing in past lives. The instructor suggested I take more courses from the organization she was affiliated with, but they were looking more and more cult-like to me. They started requiring the signing of agreements to not teach others what you learned from them, all the while saying, "spread the teachings!" I’d been involved with other groups that did those things, and they didn’t work out so well for me, so I had to decline.

My takeaway was that I just had to take more responsibility for the level of ability I had with this energy. I had been telling people they could take training and practice and do these things too, but this instructor who had trained many hundreds of students said that wasn’t true, that not everyone could do what I was doing. What she’d said landed on me rather squarely. I was told before that I might have done healing in past lives, but I had a good deal of respect for this teacher, and what she said carried more weight than when it came from others. I wasn’t sure what I would do about it, but I knew I’d have to let it all sink in. The irony of it was after a life of questioning authorities, I was running out of authorities to question, and ran the risk of becoming an authority myself. 

I still believe anyone can do healing work, but not everyone is going to be equally capable or proficient with it. I also think most people aren’t willing or interested in putting the time and energy into it. Many people want to be a good musician, but merely owning an instrument isn’t enough. You don’t have to be a fantastic musician to make good music, and you don’t have to be a fantastic healer to help others. 

I believe that even if you did take all the available classes and studied and practiced, you would have to allow that the universe will become the teacher at some point. When it happens, proceed as an explorer would. Meet every client as someone who could present something new and unexpected. Respect that each one is a unique individual. There may be routine matters to tend to in every session, but no session should be treated as routine. Be alive to what the present moment presents.

A retired medical doctor came to me for a session and he told me he’d been to many healers over the years. He found it fascinating. The session went well, and he suggested he may be able to set up a study at Duke University to study my work. I said that would be fine with me. If it helped bring energy healing mainstream, I would do it. He left, and I never heard anything more about his proposition.

I’ve often wondered what a scientific study of healing work might comprise. Before and after X-rays, or MRIs would be useful. There’s a video on the net of healers working on someone’s bladder cancer while ultrasound was being done to observe as the cancer shrinks and dissolves. I believe that was  in China.

I’ve seen videos of an energy healer starting a fire with the energy from his hand. That was pretty intense. You could attract some unwanted attention with that kind of ability. 


A distant client from the Northeast called for a session. We went over what she wanted me to work on and agreed that she’d rest in a recliner while I worked on her and she would call back after the session in about an hour. We hung up, and I worked on what she’d mentioned and found other things, among them a blockage in her intestines. Now, usually, I’d give a warning if I was going to do something that could make your bowels move, but she was at home, focused on the session, and could relieve herself at any time, and it was close to the end of the session. When she called back, I let her know what I found and said she might have to go to the bathroom soon. She said she already did just before calling me! I asked: “Number one or number two”? She said, “Number two!” We laughed. The technique still worked. 

While on the subject, shortly after my acupuncturist friend and I met, she was over at my mountain home, and I was telling her about the guy with the hip replacement and making his bowels move. We laughed about it, but then my friend said she was feeling a little sluggish and asked could I do something for her. Well, I couldn’t very well say no. I had to try. I did pretty much what I did before, and sure enough within five minutes, she was in the bathroom taking care of business.

One more on the matter: One day I was Sunday driving in the country and got to thinking about a woman I hadn’t seen in years. I wondered how she was doing, and without thinking, rather automatically I imagined her in the car with me and started idly scanning her body with my right hand, steering with my left. I wasn’t very intent on anything, just absentmindedly going through the motions as if she were a client and I was to find out what was going on with her body. 

I knew her to be someone who took care of herself, ate well, and stayed fit. So it was no surprise that I wasn’t finding anything to work on, but when I scanned her abdominal area, I could feel a blockage. I didn’t know where she was or what she was doing so I didn’t do anything to remove the blockage at that time, but I did send her a text and asked what’s going on with her tummy?

A few minutes later she called and asked how did I know about that? I told her I wondered how she was doing and scanned her body and found something there. She said her tummy hadn’t felt good all day. I let her know I might be able to help if she wanted me to, but it would be good if she had a bathroom she could go to if necessary. She was good with that, and we hung up and I did my thing. Later that evening she let me know it all worked out as expected and thanked me.  


Imagine teaching children about energy work, about healing. It could be helpful when we start sending people into space to have healers on standby, helping the astronauts in various ways. They’d be like unseen helpers, like angels. A pretty cool idea if you ask me.

Imagine biological overlays with different layers for the skeleton, muscles, nerves, organs, skin, and so on, and then add layers for meridians, different layers of the aura, and so on. The layers might be mapped out crudely at first, but they’d get refined as we learned. Then again, maybe all this belongs in a school like Hogwarts, secret and hidden a safe distance away from muggles.

~ S