Chapter 29 Sunday Afternoon In The Park

There weren’t many who came out early Sunday morning to the Gathering of the Peacemakers, perhaps because of the wet, or they were going to church, or the campers had been up into the wee hours. However, by noon it was on again. My short-burst healing sessions got going again, and I was feeling pretty good. I was quick to tell others they could do this work if they took some classes and practice at it a while. 

It’s hard to explain what was going through me, through my body, my mind, and my aura. It was another beautiful summer day in the mountains, and that alone could lift your spirits. Then there was this gathering of the peacemakers, mostly young, enthusiastic, positive people, who were open to infinite possibilities. The setting was as ripe for miracles as the people there were, and I had the honor of introducing dozens of people to energy healing. 

Maybe my ego got a little inflated, and perhaps some would suggest I was having too much fun, but then I’d never experienced that much bliss before. 

Doing healing work, you feel different kinds of energies in other people and yourself. The range of the qualities the energy may have crosses a spectrum, the way keys on a piano or colors in a rainbow do. As you work to replace coarse energies with more refined energies, the refined energy moves through you, through your body, your aura, your mind-body-spirit complex, and it affects you. 

The energy can strengthen your aura, but it can also amplify where blockages are in your system. For me, the energy tended to come up against things stuck in my heart region, and sometimes in my solar plexus, but it can reveal these things where ever they are. We are all works in progress, none are perfect, but it’s okay to not be perfect. It's part of the human experience. I’m not without ego, and I’ll admit I got more than a little high on all the refined energy flowing through me that weekend. It would take a while to get used to that.

A small group of people had started to congregate around me, to get some energy work done on themselves and then hang around to watch others get a little healing work done. I didn’t know how to change what I was doing to accommodate a crowd of onlookers. I tried to ignore them, but that didn’t seem very polite.

A young woman and her mother had come from out of town and ventured near. The girl was in high school and was prone to get migraine headaches. The mother asked if I could do anything for her. She sat, and I swept around the top of her head, reaching into her crown chakra, and I felt something and pulled it out. I cleaned some more but found nothing in particular. I told the girl I thought she wouldn’t have any more problems with migraines and the mother looked at her and asked how she felt. The girl smiled broadly and said something like, “Yeah, it’s gone. It feels like it is. I don’t feel it anymore”. The mother reached into her wallet and insisted I take a twenty-dollar bill, saying I need to get paid for my services. That was the only money I got that weekend. 

Shortly after that, I was asked to work on a young man whom I couldn’t connect with energetically. He had problems with drugs and some serious emotional issues. I was stumped and didn’t know what I could do for him. I listened to him ramble on about a few things, but he wasn’t coherent. To be honest, my training so far wasn’t a match for what he might need. It was a bit humbling. There are limits to what I can do, and there is much more to be learned.

Sunday afternoon I was scheduled to give a presentation on the healing work I was doing. The place was packed. Standing-room only. I did the best I could, being tipsy from the energy as I was. I had people reach out and feel one another’s aura, and start to sense energy for themselves. I showed how they could sweep with the energy of their hands. It all seemed to be going fine until I tried to get them to channel energy through their hands. It didn’t go over so well. I could demonstrate it by projecting a beam of energy across the room and having people reach out and cut the beam with their hands to sense it and let the others present know that there was, in fact, a beam of energy there.

However, when they tried to do it themselves, they weren’t successful. I’d gone too far too fast and probably gave them a sense of loss by trying without success. It was sort of a “dang” moment. I wished I’d done something different instead.

I’d had years of practice, and for the past day and a half, I had been pretty much wide open to the flow of energy through me, so the beam of energy from my hand was pretty intense. The people there were new to it. I let them know they would get better at it with practice.

After the presentation, the crowd around me grew, and I felt things getting less spontaneous and light. To exacerbate the matter, I was asked to do some healing work on a young woman who had a bad sunburn. It turned out she was inebriated too. It felt like a total waste of time. As I attempted to help, she went on about how she worked hard for her money, and she had the right to spend it how she wanted and to drink as much as she wanted. Everyone around could see it was a waste of time. It brought the mood down several notches. 

The next case was a young man with a sty in his left eye. I think he said he’d had it for three months, which seemed a long time for a sty. It was a doozy too. As I recall, his eyelid was swollen red and was maybe three quarters closed when we started. I worked on him the longest of all cases that weekend. 

I knew the eyes to be sensitive, and I had to be gentle in sweeping and energizing. I remained cautious the whole time. In twenty minutes or so we all saw the sty improve maybe 90%. I wanted it to go away completely, and perhaps being there in front of the crowd added to my desire, but it didn’t happen. Maybe in the days to come the sty would finally heal, but not today. Nevertheless, the others there seemed to be entirely happy with the results. 

For some reason, there seemed to be a growing sense of these little miracles starting to become the accepted norm. Like it was expected. I can’t say what the people there thought but it felt to me all of us were at peace with these experiences. Like we wanted to rest in this heightened awareness of a broader and more peaceful reality and open to greater possibilities. And as with other holidays, we were all tired from a long weekend, and as things wound down we went home. 

My friend and I stopped and got a pizza, and the next day I felt like fasting. I fasted for the full week and lost 15 pounds. It just felt like I needed to do that. I believe all the refined energy coming through me over the weekend had me energized and ready to shed unnecessary weight. The following Sunday night I broke my fast with some orange juice and eased back into eating food over the next couple of days.

Healing in the park was a fantastic learning experience for me. I could have done a good deal more, but the Universe has its way about these things.  I experienced a sort of let-down in the days following the gathering. I enjoyed the work and not doing it left me a bit empty. I guess my ego was building an identity as a healer and I did enjoy the blissful feeling I had experienced. I needed to come to terms with my part in the work, and relinquish any claim that was not mine. The Universe provided a cooling-off period.

~ S