Among other things, uncounted numbers of books helped shape my outlook throughout my life. A number of them helped me along the path of becoming a healer. I also list a few books on the subject of non-duality, which may feel good, but may not make much sense until you experience non-duality for yourself, and then they tend to shine. 

The Power of Now and Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle. Non-dual teachings. Millions have read his books and listened to his talks. I wonder how many have awakened to what he’s talking about by reading his books. 

The True Power of Water, by Dr. Emoto. This was a quick read for me, but about ten years after reading it the depth of the impact of what he is saying hit me again. I met Dr. Emoto shortly before his death.

Your Hands Can Heal You, by Stephen Co. Stephen Co is a disciple of Choa Kok Sui. There's a lot of practical information here in one volume. 

Breaking the Rules by Kurt Wright. This is about increasing efficiency in business, but the central message about focus and intent is universally applicable. I think the message is if you wish to make a quantum leap, but you focus on where you are at, then when the leap happens you are likely to land back where you started, but if you focus on the ideal scene, where you would like to be, then you could very well land there.

Tao Te Ching by Lao-tzu. Non-dual teaching.  I read it from time to time but it will take a lifetime to grow into understanding.

The Way of Liberation, and Falling Into Grace by Adyashanti. Present-day American non-dual teachings.  I like Adyashanti. As with the rest, I have to wonder if people are waking up by reading or listening to him. Surely they must at least be preparing for awakening.

The Earth Life Series of books by Sanaya Roman. Channeled material. I found the first of this series in 1989 at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore in Los Angeles. It tends to be light and easy. Sometimes just what I need.

Zhuan Falun, and China Falun Gong by Li Hongzhi. Considered a cult by some, but it provided insight into some qi-gong practices. 

Energy Work, Auras, Healing With The Heart, Great White Owl and Bees, The Astral Environment and New Energy Ways by Robert Bruce. One of the most significant helpers I found on my path. I’ve only scratched the surface of his body of work.

Simplified New Energy Ways by Donni Hackenson. A super simple intro to the energy work teachings of Robert Bruce. Possibly the best approach one could take. Highly recommended.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Admirably simple lessons gleaned from a brief encounter with a higher plane of existence. Love it.

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. This book helped me to be more aware of the meaningful coincidences of life. It had me paying more attention, getting out of my head, and living life a bit more thoroughly. 

Oneness by Rasha. A friend told me about this book, and then it found me in a bookstore where it was in the wrong section, sticking off the shelf a good bit as if waiting for me. Enjoyable, uplifting channeled material. You can read a chapter, get the gist of it, feel quite uplifted, and promptly forget what you read. It seems to engage us beyond our intellect.

The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale. About the time I thought I had auras and chakras figured out this book found me and convinced me once again to dispense with dogma and what I thought was the extent of a subject.

Pranic Healing by Choa Kok Sui. This book, and Robert Bruce’s manuscript New Energy Ways are the two most important books I can think of when it comes to learning effective healing techniques. 

Emotional Clearing by John Ruskan. His book is about rolling up your sleeves and getting inner work done. When you realize that spiritual bypassing no longer serves, you may find this book of value — too many gems in the book to list.

Chi Kung - Way of Energy, and Chi Kung - Way of Power by Lam Kam Chuen. Well written and illustrated. To the point, and workable. There’s a lot of qigong material available on YouTube and around the internet. Find what works for you, but give it time. A few months or a hundred days of a routine should do for starts.

A Course In Miracles channeled non-dual material. A solo study, often done in groups.  It's as wordy as can be. However, if that’s what it takes to undo the mental machinery of a mind running on automatic, so be it. Many lovely passages, and some that cut through your pretense and defense and leave you standing naked and completely safe. Extremely confusing at times.

The Law of One, The Ra material, channeled material. Five books, not the easiest read, but maybe one of the broadest stretches of the mind you may find. 

Sadhana, A Way To God by Anthony De Mello. Anthony De Mello was an enlightened Jesuit priest with a great sense of humor. Videos of some of his talks can be found on YouTube. Highly recommended, particularly if you tend toward seriousness.

Awakening by Suzanne Giesmann. An evidential medium. I  think if you were to do the exercises she gives on some of her YouTube videos that you could attain higher states of consciousness rather quickly. I was struck by the parallel between her methods to raise consciousness and those used by other teachers. It’s like a number of blind men feeling an elephant and describing what they feel. They each are describing the same thing in their own words, and they validate each other’s descriptions. Also, Suzanne’s consistent ability to connect across the veil is unparalleled.  

Born a Healer by Chunyi Lin. Wounded healers and anyone interested in medical or spiritual qigong will benefit from this book. He’s a sweet guy with a big heart and a lifetime devoted to qigong.

Many recordings by Joel Goldsmith can be found on YouTube and elsewhere on the net. His non-dual teachings revolve around healing and are based on Christianity. They are closely related to the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy and the Religious Science movement. His teachings are a bit dated, but the distance across time provides a kind of bas-relief that enhances the unchanging aspects of truth as much as they can be expressed in words.

Synchrodestiny by Dr. Deepak Chopra. My first introduction to the concept of synchrodestiny was in the mid-1990s, through a small document about 9 or 10 pages long that described phenomenal examples of Dr. Chopra asking questions, following signs, and manifesting amazing things. When I read it I was somewhat jealous of the effortlessness of Dr. Chopra’s experiences with guidance and manifestation. But when I reflected on my life I saw many instances when signs and signals from the universe led to effortless manifestation, and I wanted more. Some years later I found Dr. Chopra had recorded an 8 disc set on Synchrodestiny and the Manifestation of Desire. There is a vast wealth of information in this body of work that can be applied directly to a greater understanding, and improved results when healing with subtle energy. 


Let me date my material by mentioning something from the last Star Wars movie I saw, The Last Jedi. The library of the sacred Jedi texts was burned but nothing of the self-evident truths they contained were, or ever could be lost. At the end of the movie, a young boy reaches for a broom, and the broom responds and moves to meet his hand. It’s obvious he takes this ability for granted. It’s just an aspect of a familiar relationship with a common object. He sweeps a bit then looks up into the expanse of the star-filled night sky, reminding us that neither the boy nor The Force, or anything else in the universe depends on sacred texts or any teachings for their existence. The miracle of existence has always been, and will always be spread out before us, far and wide and we can turn to explore it once again, anytime we are ready.

~ S