There’s an uncounted number of personal growth tools and teachers to be found in the spiritual, and personal development marketplace. Finding those suitable for where you are on your journey through life can sometimes be a challenge, or a synchronistic event, or a combination of the two.

    There are more than enough options to choose from. You can jump right in with whatever shows up, or you can take your time exploring options before making a decision. You may want to take it lightly or to dive deep. You get to decide what’s right for you.

    As for me, I’d been a seeker for many years, reading books and taking a workshop now and then, but once I discovered energy healing, I dove deep. I went from being an extremely guarded skeptic to being an energy healer with a high success rate within a year. By high success rate, I mean either significant or complete healing in about 95% of the cases I worked on, and this went on for years. In most cases the work was done in a single session, in others more were needed. It took effort on my part, keeping my energy level up, and focusing on learning and practicing whenever I could, but I was an eager student. The subject fascinated me no end. It still does. 

    Although the healing energy produced results early on and motivated me to keep going, it was not always an easy path. It was rife with a variety of challenges. However, I believe my going on the quest was inevitable, and invaluable to my growth.

    As mentioned, I was a guarded skeptic, but when I could no longer deny or ignore the existence of subtle energy, or that it could be used to facilitate healing, I studied everything I could find about it. The books and teachers I found don’t always agree with one another and navigating it all can be more than a little confusing. The path was something of a labyrinth, with many wrong turns and dead-ends. However, once I started to cultivate the ability to access and channel this energy to do healing work I was amazed to find that bones might move without touching them, tumors could shrink and disappear, headaches, fevers, migraines, earaches, stomach aches, bumps, lumps, bruises, and a myriad of other ailments would go away during sessions that were in-person or even at a distance. Oddly enough, distant healing is often more powerful than in-person sessions. 

    Sometimes, but not always, dramatic changes happened in a matter of seconds. Sometimes more than one session was needed, and sometimes, the symptoms would return. I had read about these things, and by practicing, I was soon witnessing them regularly.  

    I commonly found myself in an elevated state of consciousness, one that is more receptive to what some people call ‘Source Energy,’ or ‘Divine Energy,’ or ‘God’s Energy’. I was able to be a conduit for it to flow through me to heal people and animals, which continues to this day, but with profound differences from the earlier days. And the changes continue as my relationship with subtle energy changes as I move forward on my spiritual journey. 

    One of my hopes in writing this down is that others who may venture down a path of a healer can benefit from my experiences. 

    I have to acknowledge that many of the challenges I experienced are familiar to anyone embarking on something unconventional, or something others may believe is reserved for “special” people. You may not feel particularly special, but you could be judged as if you think you are. Funny enough, at the same time I was criticized for “thinking I was special” I was also criticized for not believing in myself enough, or being too humble. I was also criticized for being too cavalier, too easy-going about it. I found that criticism can come from every angle at the same time and it’s best to not take any of it personally. 

    Unfortunately, healers will come up against skeptics who call it BS no matter how well it works. To address this we could use more hard proof, like before and after x-rays, MRIs, videos of healing, and so on, but die-hard skeptics would be quick to point out that with creative computer tools all of those could be forged. 

    Rather than spend too much time pushing against an outmoded mindset, I prefer to contribute to the creation of a new mindset that bypasses an overly simplified model of the universe that leaves out far too much. 

    If helping others sparks your soul and you find you have a knack for healing, it very well may open your heart in ways you can’t imagine. It’s also likely that personal internal issues will come up along the way. Be safe, take care of yourself, improve your skills, be aware of the challenges you may face, and know that if you reach for healing with subtle energy, it will reach for you. You could get discouraged and give up, but isn’t that true of anything you may choose to do in life? It’s not a very good reason to not follow your interests, your heart, or your calling. As you progress on the path of your choosing, try to keep the larger mystery in mind, get to know it, feel it. Become grounded in the still presence of it. It can provide great comfort. 

    Herein I chronicle some of my journey, my discovery of various tools, and some of the results I got along the way. If you sense a call to adventure in these writings and choose to respond to that call, then perhaps some of the tools I found helpful will help you as well. Keep in mind that your adventure through life is unique. You will be pioneering your life, and you may discover territory that few if anyone has ever traveled before, and your discoveries may benefit you, others, or even humanity as a whole. 

~ S