This book is dedicated to anyone who has ever felt helpless to alleviate the suffering of a loved one. One of the best parts of my life so far has been being a father, but for all the happiness, and growth, and learning that it brought me, being a parent impressed upon me the limits of my ability to help those I most wanted to help when it was most needed. 

Most, if not all parents have spent long-drawn-out nights waiting for a fever to break or asthma to abate, or for some other tense situation to get better, and sincerely beseeching a higher power to help out or at least show us what to do. Maybe that’s why I found this path. Maybe it was the answer to those fervent prayers. Maybe it’s why you’ve been drawn to this. Maybe you’d like to feel a little less powerless in those situations. Maybe you’d like to be able to do something to affect a positive outcome. 

Some people take to working with these subtle energies easier than others, but everyone can do it to some degree, and even a little bit of empowerment can go a long way in those long, drawn-out nights. And a little bit of understanding of how to work with subtle energy can go a long way toward affecting a positive outcome.

~ S