Chapter 9 Harmony & Rivalry

Doing healing work on others in the healing professions has often, but not always been a rewarding experience. When you get together with a friend to practice with or pair off with a student on a course it’s safe to assume you are both open to explore what can sometimes be an unusual experience with unexpected outcomes.  On a course with others, you may get paired with someone who wants to dominate the exercises, or divert the intention of the exercises to an agenda only they know of. 

On one course we separated into groups of three or four to practice on one another. One guy in the group said he didn’t have any body issues that needed to be worked on. Instead, he wanted us to send him energy so that he could transmit it out in the world to affect an outcome only he knew about. We stepped back from him and I believe each of us was thinking the same thing, like; “This is bullshit.”

The instructor came over and asked what was up and the guy told him what he wanted us to do, saying he didn’t have any body issues that needed to be worked on. All of us could see a bump on the guy’s shoulder that shouldn’t have been there and the instructor put his finger on top of it and pressed down hard, and said, “What about this?” The guy winced and said, “Well, now I do!” The instructor walked away and we resumed the exercise with diminished enthusiasm. I could be wrong about it but the sense of the situation was the guy wanted to send the energy out to win a lottery, or to get someone to do something against their will.

I mentioned earlier that I took a course from a man named Raymon Grace who covered many topics. Raymon had been a student of The Sylva Method years prior then moved on and adopted techniques from others, came up with his own, and blended them, and lumped it all under the term “dowsing.” There was a lot more to his teachings than what you’d typically find if you look into dowsing.  

Raymon had teachings that stretched the imagination and left us hanging on by our mental fingertips. He relied heavily on shifting awareness, or the brain activity, or some aspect of consciousness into an alpha state. When you do this, subtle energies and influences are easier to sense. I also think some people can become more suggestible when they are in the alpha state. I find it helps increase my awareness of what some call the etheric level of reality. 

One of the things he taught was how to pull unwanted subtle ‘stuff’ out of a body. You’re working on the etheric level, the level of the aura and other things, and that’s where the unwanted ‘stuff’ resides. Since the aura interpenetrates the physical body, you reach into both the aura and the physical body at the same time. This kind of thing is common in many different energy healing techniques and Raymon included it in his training course.

During this one exercise, we would be reaching into the aura/body with ‘energy fingers’, or extensions of our physical fingers, that would penetrate the physical and energy body, and you could use the energy fingers to pull ‘stuff’ out. I partnered with a woman who had a lump the size of an egg yolk in her left breast. She pointed to where it was and without touching her, I reached with “etheric fingers” or energy fingers of my aura, into her breast a dozen times or more with the intention to grab and pull the lump out. You could think of it like brushing tangles out of hair. You keep doing it until the tangles in the hair are gone, and you keep reaching in and pulling out the etheric ‘stuff’ until it’s all gone.

As I worked, I’d stop every so often and ask if it was changing. She’d feel her breast and tell me  with cautious optimism that it was getting smaller. I was determined to make it work, to remove the lump completely but, at one point it seemed to stop getting smaller. I broke rank and told her to lift her left arm and pat the side of her ribcage vigorously, right up into her armpit. I demonstrated with a vigorous, almost aggressive patting action. I told her to do it on both sides and to pat her arms too. These patting techniques came from some of my qigong exercises, and from other tapping techniques like EFT that I’d learned about that broke up stagnant energy and got it moving again. Raymon looked over at us, and I looked at him, and I suppose he saw confidence in my expression, and I said it was to help move stagnant energies. He nodded, and the woman continued patting her body a few seconds more before again I reached in with energy fingers and pulled at the lump. 

After a few more repetitions the woman’s face broke into a smile, and she said she couldn’t feel anything. She went into the bathroom and examined herself closer in privacy. She came out with a  broad smile. She said her nipple had been inverted, but now it was normal again. She was very happy, and so was I. We all were.

When I broke rank it was to help the person in front of me, and the instructor, Raymon Grace acknowledged my intentions. There was no self-serving hidden agenda about it. I shifted to include a familiar, complementary technique to facilitate a better outcome and it worked. If Raymon had been dogmatic and domineering about his courses the healing might not have happened. He struck me as a professional who was flexible and still open to learning.

On another occasion, I traded healing sessions with a massage therapist who hadn’t been able to raise her left arm to her ear without searing pain. She had been getting massages to address it, and the symptoms would ease up and then return. This had been going on for a month or so. She gave me an hour of her services, and I did the same for her. Afterward, she could lift her arm with a full range of motion with no pain. In her words, this is what happened:


“On July 20, 2007, Steve Kube provided me with an hour's energy session. One specific point of interest was my right arm where I had stiffness and sore muscles for the past month. I was getting a physical massage and the symptoms would ease up and yet return. After the energy session with Steve, I was able to raise my arm up to my ear without the searing pain ... something I'd not been able to do for weeks. Thank you, Steve!

J. E.”


J.E. was in the healing profession and open to other alternative healing techniques. She associated with others who practiced Reiki and other methods. Her receptivity made for a successful healing.

On a different note altogether, I got a call from a chiropractor who asked me to come to his office to discuss my work and demonstrate the work I do. He gave the impression that if he liked what I did, then he might refer patients to me, or perhaps even have me do sessions in his office.

The guy was young and appeared somewhat athletic. At least he was in sweatpants and a tee-shirt when we met. He looked as though he’d just come from a gym.

I told him just a little about my energy work, and he nodded like he understood then asked me to work on him. I asked if he had anything going on with his body that he’d like to focus on and he said no. 

As soon as I started, I could feel an invisible shield around him. I sensed he was trying to block my energy work. I felt this so strongly that I said to him, “You know you can block this energy”. He looked at me like he’d been caught. He denied that he was blocking my energy work and let me go on a few minutes more. Then he stopped me, lifted his shirt to reveal a heavily scarred area around his solar plexus. He defiantly said that he’d had several surgeries to remove a mass the size of a grapefruit and it comes back repeatedly. With a good deal of self-righteousness, he said he did not believe anyone could take a weekend workshop and do shamanic level healing work. He was relentless in his attack that went on for several minutes. 

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t go on the offensive, but I admit to putting up shields and being a bit defensive. He was very hostile towards me and what I was attempting to do. It was not a pleasant experience. It rattled me a little, and I almost got into an accident on the way out of his parking lot. 

Later I thought about how not so long ago acupuncture wasn’t accepted in western medicine, and not long before that neither was chiropractic. He had made up his mind about all of this long before he called me. A few decades earlier people in the medical profession rejected chiropractors and their practice. I don’t think you can grow tumors the size of grapefruits in the area of your solar plexus chakra without serious issues around control and lack of trust.

A popular bumper sticker of the day was WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do?). What would the Prince of Peace do? Maybe Jesus’ aura would be so big and welcoming it would disarm the man to where he’d open enough to believe he could be healed, and it would happen.

Since that time I’ve met medical doctors, general practitioners, and specialists who accept, appreciate, and believe in this kind of healing work. I’ve also met those who think there’s nothing to it, and some who are completely neutral about it. 

I don’t take these other viewpoints personally. They aren’t about me.  That chiropractor didn’t know me and had no intention of getting to know me or how much time or effort I’d put into learning what I do. Any other healer could have been the victim of his ill will. 

Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of The Four Agreements, says, “Don’t take anything personally.”  I’m getting better at it, but I’m not immune to having my cage rattled.

Recently I was watching a live video of an internationally known healer based in Australia, who was expressing some measure of anger about how some people treat healers. He echoed many thoughts I’ve had over the years when I was criticized or attacked as a healer. From some in healing circles, or from harsh skeptics, or people who knew me before I’d learned how to do it who were sure I was making it all up. It’s not easy dealing with all that. The world needs healers. It needs a lot of healers. We can’t let the critics and naysayers keep people from learning and practicing the art and developing the science of it. There’s a new earth to be created and healers will be a big part of it. Part-time healers as well as full-time healers. 

Besides the critics and naysayers, the rivalry among healers is often less than friendly. Being competitive appears to be built into us at least as much as being cooperative. Sometimes it’s playful and constructive, pushing us to do better. At other times it’s overbearing and destructive. 

It is what it is and we learn to navigate these things. To engage when it is truly helpful to do so, and disengage when it’s the most beneficial thing to do. 

With the paradigm shift into non-duality, my thoughts about competition changed dramatically. Instead of cheering for a particular sports team, I’d cheer for any player that made a great move in a game, regardless of the team they were on. I took pleasure in their accomplishments, while also realizing the competitive nature of the game. The operative word being “game”.

In a similar vein, healing with subtle energy can be cooperative, as well as competitive with other healing arts. They can, and should cooperate towards common goals; advancement of the art and science in the various fields of endeavor, improving techniques and methods, while individual practitioners excel and shine as they move their respective fields forward, and so on. 

When one branch of medicine subverts another it tends to be hugely destructive and non-beneficial to mankind as a whole. There’s a place for pharmaceuticals for example, but they can overshadow and undermine the effectiveness of other practices, including diet, natural remedies, and so on.  

In general, capitalism favors the growth of large corporations with large numbers of employees, shareholders, pensioners, and corporate executives, many with multi-million dollar pay packages. This goes for the medical, and insurance industries too.  On the other hand, healers tend to work on their own, and they tend to be shunned by the medical establishment as well as the insurance industry. 

Consider the trend here. Chiropractic and acupuncture were once shunned, and now they’re accepted by both mainstream medicine and insurance companies. It’s more than reasonable to assume that eventually healing with subtle energy will eventually be accepted and integrated into mainstream medicine. It’s already happening in some places. 

People with natural healing abilities should be encouraged to cultivate and improve their abilities and contribute to greater understanding, and advance healthcare overall.

~ S