Chapter 7 The Real Deal

A couple of months after the healing fair the phone rang for what would be my first paying customer. She’d seen my flier at the health food store and wanted to know more. We talked on the phone for 20 minutes. 

    A week or two later she called again to ask me further about just what it is I do. She told me that she’d been in a car accident many years before and had seen chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists, and other healers, and she only ate food from health food stores, but she was still experiencing effects related to the accident. We talked for another 20 minutes. 

I did not try to sell her on my services or “reel her in.” I informed her as best I could and let her make her own decision. Another week or two went by, and she called again. We talked maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and I let her know we’ve already spent nearly an hour on the phone and I  didn’t know how much more help I could be by talking further. She understood and decided to make an appointment.

This woman was nervous. It was in her demeanor to be skittish, and with good reason. Some years prior she had been walking down a sidewalk with a friend when a car jumped the curb, hitting her just below the knees, breaking both of her legs, and throwing her 20 feet.                 Imagine a beautiful day and a car is about to clip both your legs and send you flying and you use every ounce of your willpower to not be there at the moment it will happen. Just don’t be there. It’s the only answer, but it doesn’t work. 

Metal pins held her legs together for a long time. The doctors and all the other medical professionals did great work, but it wasn’t enough. She’s skittish. Something about her lets you know she doesn’t want to be here now.

I set her two young sons up with a six-gallon bucket of Legos, and she and I went to another room. I got right into the session and was scanning her inner aura but not finding anything amiss. Then I scanned her hands and arms and again nothing. I shifted to her feet and legs and figure for sure there’s going to be some serious stuff there, but no, there’s nothing there either. She was clean! What gives? I was stumped. She was as clean as anyone I’d worked on so far.

She was standing to one side of the room, and I was now on my knees behind her, leaning back on my heels wondering what to do, trying to intuit an answer. For some reason, I reached out beyond her outer aura and swept my hand inward to get a feel for her aura there and found something. About four feet away from her legs, just below knee level, was a veritable asteroid belt of dirty energy (dirty energy is a term others had given this stuff). This dirty energy went full circle around the woman at this distance of about three to four feet. 

I’d felt dirty energy before and took care to wash it off my hands right away, scrubbing with salt and water, but this was easily 100 times more intense than anything I’d come across before. It was like a cloud of little gobs of tar the size of grains of sand. It stuck to my hands straight away as I swept them through her outer aura around her knees. There was so much of it that I had to excuse myself and go to the kitchen sink and wash it off. I returned to do more sweeping and once again had to wash the stuff off my hands. I kept at it, repeating the process until eventually there was no more dirty energy in that part of her aura, but now my hands were tingling something fierce. 

Okay, so there I was paying attention and learning and exploring. I’d never before heard or read of what I was finding and where I was finding it, so I was on the alert for more surprises. I wasn’t disappointed. I could easily have been embarrassed or shy about slowly waving my right hand through the space around this woman for several prolonged minutes but what I’d already found prompted me to continue. Shortly I came across something else I’d not read or heard of. About three feet behind her back I found a standing wave of intense energy that caused my hands to hurt as soon as they came in contact with it. It was like touching the energy in a large electrical capacitor. Not just touching the wires coming out of a capacitor and getting a quick shock, but like reaching into the device and grabbing the energy like a bear reaching into a beehive and grabbing honey, only this wasn’t sticky like the tar gobs in the asteroid belt around her knees. This was taser-like energy stinging me like bees. It zapped me, and I intuitively understood that on some level it was zapping her too. I began sweeping it out and had to take a few more trips to the kitchen sink to wash it off, but eventually, I got it all cleaned up.

I double-checked, then triple-checked her aura, reaching very far out and around her for anything else I might find before calling it done. The session lasted well over an hour. 

When we came back to the front room, the boys showed us their Lego creations before putting them all back in the bucket and leaving. 

I felt pretty good about it, albeit stunned in more ways than one. In my book, it had been a holy-mackerel session. I had no idea what other healers were experiencing, but this put me on notice to expect the unexpected and deal with it as best I could.

Three or four weeks had passed when the woman drove up the driveway unannounced, ran to the front door through torrential rain, and when I asked her in she was adamant that I tell her what I did and how could she learn to do it too?

She spoke briefly about how many people from different professions had worked on her, and still, she suffered from the aftereffects of the accident, but what I had done solved her troubles. She was ecstatic and wanted to know more.

I gave her some names, Robert Bruce, qigong, and Pranic Healing, but I couldn’t transmit to her in a few minutes what I’d spent quite a bit of time learning and practicing. I didn’t know of any teachers that did what I was doing. Besides, I’d made it my own; I’d done things none of the books I knew of were teaching. I found things no one suggested I’d find. I wasn’t confident enough to teach, but I was happy that she was pleased. And she was quite pleased, so it was all good. She went back into the rain and drove away leaving me grateful for being able to help relieve her suffering and wondering about many things. 

I wondered about what to study next, what to practice, and how to make myself available to do more of the work. It was interesting that this woman found my flier at the health food store. I wondered if she was guided to it. I wondered if we are all guided from a higher level and I wondered how I could learn more about receiving and following such guidance. 

That first client gave me a more profound respect for how effective this work could be and how it could relieve long-standing suffering. It let me know things could be addressed with these techniques where other methods failed. It validated the path I was on. It also boosted my confidence in approaching the work in an objective and somewhat scientific manner. It also let me know that no matter how many books we read, or classes we take, sometimes we are going to be pioneering, going places no one has gone before and we’re going to have to rely on the foundation of what we’ve learned thus far, and our intuition. 

Back in the day when electricity was first being explored and experimented with, courtiers entertained members of the royal courts by performing parlor tricks like making severed frog legs jump by shocking them with a jolt of electricity from a large crude battery. Meanwhile, Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell, and a few others were methodically developing the science of it, laying a foundation that would make it much more available and useful to humanity. I liked that approach. It takes more patience and study, and integrity, but in the long run, it gives the greatest returns.

~ S