Chapter 27. Highs & Lows

The energy in my aura continued to increase as my time in Missouri came to a close. I returned to the North Carolina Mountains, and for the most part, became a hermit. I moved into a small cabin, did qigong at sunrise on a deck, and took on more distant healing clients, and once they knew I was back in the region, some clients drove a few hours for in-person sessions.

Shortly after settling into the cabin, I got a request to work on a woman with advanced cancer. She was currently in a hospital on the other side of the country. She’d been to several doctors and specialists. I was told she had very little energy and was not doing well at all.

I spoke with her by phone to make sure I had her permission to work on her and to establish a stronger connection and get a better sense of how she was doing. We spoke briefly, and I let her know what I’d be doing. I was told she’d had other energy healers work on her with no noticeable results. I explained I’d be clearing out dirty energy and flowing healing energy to her. I let her know many healers don’t clear dirty energy out before putting clean energy in, and that might make a difference. I was keeping it simple. I wanted to instill confidence in healing work in general and gain her trust. To this end, I mentioned that I do it professionally. I wanted to let her know I’m as serious about what I do as are all of the doctors and nurses she’d seen.

She gave me the go-ahead to do the work, and I spent three hours in a distant healing session. The amount of dirty energy I removed was hard to describe, and I knew she’d need many more sessions to get through this. I wrapped it up, did a little meditation, and went to bed.

I heard later that she had more energy after my healing work since before she got sick many months before this event. Unfortunately, she didn’t use the energy and the strength it afforded her to continue to heal. A few months later cancer consumed her. It was extremely difficult for those close to her. 

My intent here is to relay how positive and rapid the effects of the work can be, but it may take much more than one session to clear something that has a lot of momentum to it like that. 

I don’t intend to put limits on miracles or healing work, how fast it can happen, or how thorough it can be. As a healer, I go through the motions and do what I can, but there are other factors involved in all of this. Ultimately we are not in charge of all that’s possible.  

Shortly after that, I reached into the local community to see about doing more in-person healing work. I picked up a local paper and poked around the internet to find out who was doing what in the area. A few days later I met with a massage therapist for lunch and discussed things in general, and we decided on exchanging sessions. She came over, and I did my thing. 

Here’s her take on it:


“It's with great pleasure that I recommend Steve Kube to you.  I was fortunate to have a one-on-one session with him and am amazed at the results.

When I scheduled the appointment, I purposely didn't tell Steve what I felt needed 'worked on.'  He spent several minutes going over particular areas of my body, combing through where he felt things 'stuck.'  Afterward, I felt relaxed, a little spacey, and super aware of my surroundings.

What I didn't tell Steve was that I was having an imbalance in my body -- my blood pressure was slightly high and my pulse rate was very low.  I had been seeing my doctor for several months concerning this problem and had tried various medications and treatments (including acupuncture) hoping to correct this.

Well, I had a checkup a few days after my session with Steve, and of course, both my BP and pulse were within the 'normal' range!  

Thanks so much, Steve!


Massage and Body Energy Therapist “


    A couple of days after the session with the massage and body energy therapist I said aloud to the universe that I need to move forward on my spiritual path. I needed to engage life better, stronger, to get more traction with a purpose. Within twenty minutes my phone rang and I was asked to meet with a woman who was the head of the local chapter of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, or IONS. IONS is an American non-profit parapsychological research institute founded by former astronaut  Mitchell. She wanted to discuss the possibility of me giving a presentation of my healing work to the local chapter of this group, and within five or ten minutes we met and started to get to know one another. 

The Massage and Body Energy Therapist I had worked on earlier in the week had called this woman and said she had to meet me and that I’d be a great guest at a meeting. She said she’d like to have a session before agreeing to have me present. We scheduled a time two days later for me to do my thing. She’d told me about two issues, and I was able to give some forethought on how to proceed. 

One of the things she told me was that she could no longer do yard work because of one of the issues. The other was a rare medical issue I’d never heard of. As it turned out, both issues were greatly improved as a result of my healing work.

She sent me an email on Monday morning letting me know she’d worked all weekend in her yard and had no pain. Moreover, the other issue appeared to either be gone entirely or significantly reduced. She wanted to know if I could give a presentation to her group that was scheduled to meet that evening. I said yes, and she sent out a flash email about me and my work.

About 25 people showed up, and I spoke briefly and directed people to pair off with one another and do exercises to feel the energy for themselves. To sense one another’s aura, and so on. I discussed some of the successes I’d had and felt the evening was a good thing. I made some new friends, and someone from the crowd came for a session with me a few days after.

I also met an acupuncturist at that presentation and we got to know one another bit by bit. We had lunch in the park a few times. Took a few walks and got comfortable around one another. I could have learned a lot from her. She certainly was knowledgeable in the healing arts. She knew a good bit about the medicinal value of local plants, where to find them, how to use them, and so on. She knew the sounds in the mountains to be other than what they sounded like to me. She once pointed out a sound that I thought was a lawnmower starting and stopping in the distance. She said it was a grouse beating its wings on a hollow log to attract a mate. I think people like her came to earth at this time to help usher in a new way of doing things. She’d fit into a more civilized planet better than either of us fit into this one.

One day this acupuncturist and I were walking in a park and came upon a young woman who was barefoot and had just stepped on a bee that stung her between the toes. Right away I started energy healing work by sweeping the pain away and asked my acupuncturist friend if she could find a plant that would help out. She wandered maybe twenty or thirty feet away, scanning the ground as she went, and returned with a couple of leaves and gave them to the girl, instructing her to chew the leaves a little and put them on the wound. The girl said the pain had already gone away, but she took the leaves and started chewing. My friend said it would help pull the poison out and reduce swelling, then she and I walked on in full confidence that it was all in Divine Order,  a serendipitous event. It felt at the time like we could have been on a civilized planet where these things are the norm. It was a satisfying feeling. If we as a civilization are to survive and are on a trajectory towards a higher plane, then I believe when we arrive these things will be completely normal. I don’t think it will happen in my lifetime, but I’ve seen the possibility and potential of this elevated reality. I hope we make it.

One day, two friends and I went hiking up a mountain stream to waterfalls and were doing a lot of rock-hopping. Some of the granite boulders had veins of quartz in them and out of curiosity I held my hand in front of one of the veins to see if I could sense anything. Sure enough, I felt a distinct vibration and started laughing. My friends asked what I was laughing at and I told them to put their hands in front of the quartz vein. At first, they didn’t feel it, so I had them hold their hand palm up and waved my hand a few inches over theirs until they attuned to finer energy, and then they put their hands over the quartz, and sure enough, they could feel it too. That was way cool. The vibration of the quartz was distinctly different from the vibration of the surrounding granite, and the quartz seemed to amplify the energy from our hands and reflect it back to us.

I’m reminded here of the time I went to the health food store to get some quality salt for my popcorn. I liked to have a late-night snack of buttered popcorn with salt but I would wake up in the morning feeling dehydrated afterward. Someone had once told me that common table salt would do that, but quality salt would not. 

When I left for the store I thought maybe there’d be two or three different types of salt to choose from. When I got there, I was overwhelmed by how many different kinds of salt there were! Good grief! It was confusing and I didn’t want to have to try them all or do research on them. However, as I reached for one, I could feel the energy coming from it, or maybe it was being bounced back to me. I didn’t know I could do that. It was a spontaneous discovery. I quickly scanned the dozen or so different salts, and one stood out above the rest. The energy was intense and woolly. I bought the pink Himalayan, confident my purchase was the right salt for me. Sure enough, I no longer woke up feeling dehydrated from having popcorn late at night.

In time I would scan other food items to get a feel for the energy level before buying. It became a way to cut through the confusion of what was healthy for me. Learning to scan like that has been a real gift. I feel sure most people, if not everyone could learn to do it with practice.

~ S