Chapter 26 Synchronicity

Funny thing, and I’m told this happens regularly when I finished an advanced energy healing course, the very next day I got a request from someone who needed work done that called for the exact techniques I’d just learned. The person had reconstructive surgery on her abdomen and was almost immobile, sitting in a recliner, and very concerned about swelling at the incision. It would be a distant healing session since I was over 800 miles away. One of the main things I’d be doing was working to reduce swelling and then flowing healing energy to the area to speed up the healing.

Later she told me she hadn’t slept for a few days and finally fell asleep while I was working on her. She also said the bandages came off the next day and the doctors were floored by how little swelling there was. 

I don’t know how people are guided to me, or me to them, or the timing of these things, but I was doing my best to trust what was happening and step up to the plate to do what I could to help whenever I could. I’m convinced there’s a higher, broader level of intelligence that sometimes guides us. 

Maybe the guidance is always there, but not always giving instructions. Think of your GPS. Once you get on the right road, going in the right direction, it doesn’t keep on giving instructions. Learning to trust the signals I get, the nudges, and intuitive insights, is an ongoing process. 

The few times I experimented with psychedelics in my late teens it caused a shift in my perceptions and the way I felt. If you were tripping with friends, everyone would be on the same page, and you’d be sensitive to the shared experience of altered reality with a heightened sense of wonder, and an odd familiarity about it. However, if you were the only one doing it like if you had to go to the store for something while you were on drugs, you could feel isolated and unsure of how to interact with others. You might not know if your words were coming out right, or if you had waited too long to answer a question or something (heaven forbid you had to talk to a cop and got paranoid). 

Decades later my experience of the world was undergoing another profound shift, and the energy in my aura, and how I was interacting with others and the world around me was entirely new, and yet somehow familiar. My speech patterns were fine, but the nuance of intention, the sense of humor, and wonder was often not on the same wavelength as those around me. What I was experiencing was a little bit different from the way others were experiencing the world, only I didn’t know it at the time. Normal for me was not the same as normal for them, and vice-versa.

There are so many incidents coming to mind that most people would find it hard to believe. A few years earlier I wouldn’t have believed them either. For example, one evening I was watching a movie in my living room and was simultaneously doing distant healing work on someone. Unbeknownst to me, someone quietly entered the room behind me, watched me moving my hand in the air beside me, and after a few minutes asked, “Who are you working on?”. By that time this sort of thing was becoming normal for me. All I had to do was focus on someone, and I could reach out and interact with their energy. I could be walking, driving, or watching a movie and they could be anywhere on the planet. 

I was harmonizing with a more refined level of reality where synchronicities were common. It could be that the synchronicities were always there and I was becoming more aware of them as I progressed into this new way of being.

You could say the difficulty I sometimes encountered came from not being ‘grounded’. However, I no longer had a reference for what being grounded meant. It's like when you go far enough into outer space, far enough from the earth, there’s nothing to be grounded to. Funny enough, for quite a long time I experienced a sense of free-fall for extended periods. At first, it made me a bit sick to my stomach. It was disorienting and confusing. I’d wonder when it would end, or when I might get used to it. Eventually, the uncomfortable sensations went away, but the drift of all this was taking me farther and farther from familiar shores.

Once on a spiritual retreat in Florida, I was getting a very spacey feeling. Very light-headed, and ‘ungrounded’ and someone suggested eating a hamburger. It’s said to be heavy and can help ‘ground’ you. It brings you back to earth. It's like you got too high and needed to come down some. Here we were elevating our consciousness, and instead of learning how to manage the heightened level of consciousness, I was told I should eat some meat and come down. It's like having one foot on the gas pedal, one on the brake. It does work though. Eating meat can bring you right back down. It seems logical to believe that a civilization existing at a higher level of consciousness would be much more aware of the effects of the food they ate.

One benefit of becoming sensitive to subtle energies is the ability to discern and steer clear of things, people, places, and events that aren’t beneficial to us. Another benefit of becoming sensitive to subtle energies is that we are more able to receive those things, people, places, and events that are beneficial. 

Unfortunately, there can be some difficulty when you raise your consciousness significantly, and you’re still in an environment dominated by lower levels of consciousness. I think this is what is contributing to the chaos on the planet these days. The rate of change is accelerating. The numbers of people experiencing higher states of consciousness are increasing, and the old patterns, the old systems, are not in harmony with the higher awareness. 

Associating with others on the path towards refined awareness has helped me greatly at times. Here’s an analogy, if you want to improve as a musician play with people who are better than you. That’s true of other fields of study too. Find people who are going in the direction you want to go and see if you can learn from them, their books, videos, lectures, etc. Eventually, though, we all need to learn to access the quiet wisdom of inner guidance to find our unique path.

~ S