Chapter 25 Almost As Stubborn As Me!

I met Jim at an advanced course in Illinois, east of Saint Louis, and gave him a ride back to Saint Louis at the end of the day on my way home. I was living a couple of hundred miles away at the time, but we stayed in touch. I was wanting to practice what I’d just learned and asked Jim if we could exchange sessions, asking if he had anything he’d like me to work on. He did, and we set it up that I’d work on him in the morning, and he’d work on me in the evening. He was a night owl, and I was an early riser. We’d be getting healing work done on us while we were sleeping.

I asked what he wanted to work on but he wouldn’t tell me. He said I’d have to scan his body to find what needed to be healed. It was a nice challenge, an excellent way for me to practice the skills I’d been developing. I got up the next day and scanned him from a distance. I found what I found and worked on it. That afternoon he called to ask how it went. I told him what I’d found, and he said I was right on the money and he felt some improvement, but not complete healing. I continued to work on his persistent problem, and eventually, things shifted, but I think he could have changed his mind about something when it shifted. Had he turned loose of a mindset or a belief that no longer served him? Who knows? 

A couple of years later Jim called with an emergency. His father, a retired man, had gone out to his mailbox at the street, slipped on ice, and was taken to the hospital. The prognosis was he’d shattered a shoulder socket and his pelvis. It sounded grim. Jim was understandably distraught. As soon as we got off the phone, I began scanning his father. I imagined his father in front of me and moved my hands as if the energy in my hands was sweeping through his father’s injuries and sensing what was there. 

I felt pain and swelling in the shoulder and hip, but I didn’t sense any fractures or breaks. However, I wasn’t all that sure what a fracture or break would feel like, either in person or from a distance. I had only felt one fracture, through a cast a couple of years earlier. I thought maybe the pain I was feeling was masking my ability to sense other things, so I continued to sweep away ‘dirty’ energy and to flow clean energy to him. The intent was to relieve pain and contribute to healing in a general way, not toward a specific item like a fracture.

When Jim and I next spoke I told him I couldn’t feel any fracture or shattered bones, but something I did find was severe congestion and pain in the liver and stomach areas, so I worked on cleaning that up. I asked what was going on there? Jim said they gave him pain pills that made him sick to his stomach and he threw up. He didn’t agree with what I’d said about the shoulder and hip. Jim was more inclined to believe the doctors than me regarding the hip and shoulder. I understood, and I agreed to work on him further, but the next day Jim called and was quite happy to tell me I was right. X-rays showed the hip and shoulder bones were okay. 

Maybe it’s because I place a lot of importance on my healing work that I felt inept when Jim didn’t agree with my diagnosis. After all, he was there, and I was hundreds of miles away. I felt a good deal of relief when Jim later told me I was right. And yet, there was a huge question mark in the midst of it. When I scanned his father’s hip and shoulder I don’t know if I “imagined” one or the other of them being shattered or broken and then “imagined” them healed. And by “imagined” I mean saw, or sensed, them in those conditions. The possibility that they were truly broken and shattered and then healed is real to me. But it’s not something I could take credit for. If it happened like that, great! If he didn't break or shatter bones, that’s great too. It’s just that there was a blink of uncertainty in there and then the better outcome became certain.

About eight years after meeting Jim he asked me to help with some moderately severe pain in his right shoulder area. I did what I could, but it was another stubborn one! Jim’s a good guy, but maybe sometimes he’s a bit like me, somewhat inflexible? I do not like to psychologize ailments or people, I leave that to others, but once in a while, a thought comes through that seems to fit. 

Psychologizing about ailments can go too far and can be a bit like trying to figure out why bugs commit suicide by flying into your windshield. I tend to pump the gas, clean the glass and move on down the road. There’s a benefit in reviewing and paying attention to life’s lessons, so you aren’t stepping in the same puddle over and over, but you can get carried away with it.

A guy called me once and started describing a “condition” he had in his “groin area.” He was not being very clear about what was going on. He was saying the affected area was about the size of a large grapefruit, and he hemmed and hawed about it. Eventually, I surmised he’d gotten an STD of some sort and wanted me to work on it. We got off the phone, and I did a little work on him. I could readily feel the discordant energy there and quickly cleared it up. He called a short while later and said he could understand why people would pay me for my work. Unfortunately, he didn’t pay me. 

This guy had a penchant for psychologizing everything. He was usually on the prowl for hidden meanings, or more profound wisdom, higher principles, or something. The guy and I had gone riding motorcycles in the mountains a couple of years before, and I interrupted his rambling reasoning about the condition in his dangly bits, and I told him it was like riding a dirt bike. You ride in the mud, and it gets dirty. You go home and wash it off. No psychology was necessary. Lucky for him a little distant healing took care of it, but I wouldn’t be available to do it again for him for free. I have other things to do. Afterward, he changed one of his behaviors and had no more troubles along those lines.

If you are a professional athlete, say a football player getting paid generously, and getting banged up is one of the hazards of the job, then I expect you could pay an energy healer to help get you ready for the next game. It’s okay to keep doing what you do if it’s your job; otherwise, I prefer to work on people who are looking to find a higher, more refined path in life where they don’t repeat the same patterns over and over. If you aren’t willing to change your behavior then maybe some psychological counseling is in order. 

I like contributing to the well-being of all beings, but I’m more inclined to help those who help others. It’s part of creating the world I’d like to live in, where helping others is more common than not. 

Pastors of megachurches may have massive wealth, yet they may not do much to help the poor in their community or open their doors to refugees, or victims of floods and hurricanes, etc. That’s egregious, to say the least. They preach the words of Jesus but Jesus certainly didn’t do what they are doing.

Imagine what could happen if fabulously wealthy people used their money to heal society rather than to accumulate more for themselves. What if wealthy corporations acted in harmony with the environment rather than fight laws designed to protect it? 

What if politicians and statesmen were provided the same healthcare and retirement policies as the rest of the citizens? It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to realize we as a society can do much better than we are. 

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to realize a shift from being self-serving to serving others would make all the difference in the world.

We could change the world in the blink of an eye, but will we?

~ S