Chapter 24 The Secret Is...

I met Barbara in Missouri, and she’d called me one day and asked if I could do some healing work on her. Six months previously she’d had a mammogram and there was this small spot that showed up. She was going to have another mammogram in a day or two and did not want that spot showing up again. When we did meet, she had a second ailment as well. She’d fallen in her garden earlier in the day and banged her hip and shin. The hip and shin were taken care of in a few minutes, and we focused on her left breast. She pointed to where the spot was, but I asked her to point with two fingers, one from the top and one from the side so I could zero in on it. Since the spot was so small I wasn’t sure my general sweeping would locate it. Also, when the energy is flowing through you very strong sometimes just sweeping to locate something can heal it. 

Barbara pointed, and I located the spot and could feel it, so I pulled it out. She felt it go and we ended the session. Afterward, Barbara said she was going to see a friend in the hospital who just had hip replacement surgery and wanted to know if I would like to go along. It was a beautiful summer evening, and I said sure. 

On the fourth floor of the hospital, she introduced me to her friend as a healer, and he said he had a girlfriend who did that kind of work and yes, he’d appreciate it if I would work on him while he and Barbara chatted. To start, I put my hand near the long scar where the incision was and the congested energy there was very noticeable. I told Barbara to put her hand there, and she said she could feel it too. I began sweeping the congested energy away and after a few minutes told Barb to feel the area now. She did and remarked on how the congested energy, which to her had felt like heat, was gone. 

Next, I was putting energy into the general area for the body to do with it as it needed to accelerate healing. American Idol was on the television and I gave it some attention while Barb and her friend chatted. I heard Barb’s friend say something like ‘it’s nice to know you can’t hurt anyone with this energy,’ and I took the opportunity to poke fun and said, Hey, watch what you say, or I might give you diarrhea. It was intended to be funny since he was bedridden and to me, loose bowels would have been a problem! I was mistaken. He looked at me and said ‘Go for it!” Then Barbara chimed in and said; “Oh yeah, the opiates they give you for pain plug you up bad; go for it!” Well, then, okay. The gauntlet was thrown!

A month or so earlier I had learned about different types of energy, different colors or frequencies if you will, with different properties. One kind of energy would gently break up ‘dirty energy’ and congestion, and another energy would be more aggressive in breaking up congested energy. I think it has more to do with intention than anything else, but if thinking in terms of colors works, then use it. Okay, I’m thinking along the lines of this guy has congested energy in his bowels, so I’m going to put in the energy to break it up. 

The energy began flowing out of the palm of my right hand to the guy in bed. I’m watching American Idol, pointing my hand at this guys abdomen, he and Barbara continue chatting, and I look back once in a while to make sure I’m still pointing in the right direction, and after maybe five minutes the guy exclaims with some urgency; “Whoa, whoa Bubba! It’s working!” while holding up his hand for me to stop!  

I looked at my friend Barbara and said, “I feel like I just lit a fuse. Do you think we should run?” Barbara almost started laughing and said, “Yes, I think we should.” We said goodbye and her friend pressed the button to call a nurse for help.

I told this story to a healer friend, and we laughed. Over the next few years, I had the honor to encourage bowels to move on several occasions. I was even doing it at a distance. 

You can come across a lot of ‘interesting’ phenomena while learning and practicing energy healing. I could ramble on trying to explain it all, but I’m not sure it would do much good. I think it would just amount to pointers and you’d have to take a leap of faith to get to where they point.

Intention has a lot to do with the work, but there’s more to it than just that. We have to work in harmony with nature, with the physics of it if you will. If you study the physics of music, the science of it, you learn about harmonics, octaves, intervals between notes, and the interplay among them and there are scales and more. When you make music all of these things are in the mix, whether you consciously work with them or not. Getting too intellectual about it wouldn’t help make beautiful music though. There’s the feel and the intuition and the emotion that affect the musician, and the music, and the listener. It’s all very dynamic.  

You could analyze the top ten songs of the last decade, but it wouldn’t necessarily lead to you creating the next song to reach the top ten. It may lead to a better understanding of music in general, and that would be a good thing, but analyzing is an intellectual pursuit, and the great thing about good music is it takes you out of your head and into your feelings. You may feel great, or it may trigger some buried emotion and make you cry, but it’s about feeling, not thinking.

So how do you get the energy to break up blockages, or cool things down, or warm things up, or to hold things together, and so on? Would you believe me if I told you? 

Maybe that sort of information isn’t suitable for muggles and needs to be kept secret. Alternatively, perhaps it’s like the physics of music, all hidden in plain sight, waiting to be observed, experimented with, and sorted with an analytical mind, but not an overly analytical mind. You have to be willing to step outside your mind now and then and allow for some silence to accentuate the tones. Be easy with the unknown. Don’t eliminate it. Let it be part of the whole.

Perhaps, in the end, we find out the secret is, there is no secret.

~ S