Chapter 22 Show Me

I traveled to Missouri, the Show-Me State, where I was invited by a friend to visit a wilderness area, and a week or so after arriving in this beautiful region we headed to the big city of Springfield for a visit. We went Saturday night, and when I heard there was a Unity church there, I thought I’d check that out and see if I might meet some new friends, maybe find some comfort, or guidance on my next steps. I was surprised to find it was in another A-Frame building like the first Unity church I went to, but this one was smaller, more intimate. It was near overflowing with happy people and good energy. 

When I was introduced to Unity early in December several years before, I attended a burning bowl ceremony to release the past and welcome the new. It was the first time I went to Unity by myself. I didn’t really like churches, but Unity was different. I was opening up to it. I went to the front row of pews and stood there a very long minute, gazing up at the stained glass and wondered to myself, “Why does this place feel okay?” and I simultaneously heard and viscerally felt the reply “Because you’re okay.”  This was a huge, welcome relief from my previous experiences with a church where shame and guilt were the norms. 

Now, in Missouri, I walked into a crowded Unity longing for some comfort from another rough patch in life, and I was welcomed to come to sit between a pair of pretty women. Service got started, and they began singing. They even had a band going, with electric guitars and a drum kit to help them make their joyful noise. I didn’t recognize the song, so I listened carefully, and the first words I heard was “You’re okay,” and I started crying. I know it’s good to release pent-up emotions, but crying in a crowded church that you’ve just come to for the first time and you’re between two pretty women that you’ve just met? It was a huge release of pent-up emotions.

After services, I heard there was a reasonably well-attended healing circle in the area and I was looking forward to participating. The first time I went I was able to work on three or four people in short sit-down sessions with a fair degree of success. 

The second time I went some of the people I had worked on the week prior came to me to do more healing work on them. I got a small following going but after a couple of months the person running the healing circle asked me not to do what I was doing in there as it was not exactly in harmony with what he had in mind. 

I tend to talk quietly to people as I work on them, letting them know what I’m doing, particularly if they are new to it. As it turned out, my quiet talking was distracting to some of the others in the room. So, I went to another room down the hall, well away from the main group where Quantum-Touch and Reiki were going on, and some people followed me and lined up for me to work on them.

The line of people didn’t get very long, but it kept me moving quickly. I’d do five-minute healings and knock out all sorts of interesting things. I got to where I sat on a chair to keep from getting tired of standing and had the person I was working on stand in front of me. 

As I finished working on someone and was lowering my hands through the space near her body, I felt a snag in her aura near her left elbow. I stopped and swept through it again and asked, ‘what’s wrong with your elbow?' ‘Oh, I broke it many years ago, it still gives me pain now and then,’ was the reply. I said, “Here, let me fix that,” and reached into the elbow/aura area and pulled out whatever it was that was there. I swept the area again and there was no longer a snag. It may have taken 10 seconds in total. I said, ‘there you go’. She moved her arm around, flexing her elbow, smiled at me and said, ‘cool!’, and then quickly presented her other elbow and let me know it had been broken too! Again, a quick sweep, then plucking ‘something’ out, and I was done. I said go away now, I need to get to those others. I was feeling confident, and a little bossy. Things that may have taken a half-hour were clearing in a few minutes, sometimes less than a minute.

I learned there would be a basic Pranic Healing course taught at Unity Village in Missouri, near Kansas City. I felt compelled to go, and I wasn’t disappointed. I had already studied the first book and had practiced much of what was in it, but there were things in it that either I missed, or that needed to be learned in person. Either way, I came away more confident and competent in the work, which I was still doing primarily for free in short burst sessions at healing circles.

I remember a woman telling me she drove 40 miles hoping I’d be there and would be able to work on her. She told me I had done some deep work on her brother at the last gathering and they both wanted me to know how much they appreciated it. Stuff like that moved me and inspired me to continue. I felt like I was on a little bit of a roll, but eventually, I rolled into a brick wall. 

The guy running the healing circle called to tell me he discussed my healing work with others at the venue and told me I couldn’t do it there anymore. That didn’t feel good. It wasn’t until sometime later I was told this guy had a chiropractic practice and got clients from the healing circle. My healing work was not in harmony with his intentions. Oh well, it stunk, but sometimes that’s just the way life rolls. Best not to get too bent out of shape about it. It did harsh my mellow somewhat, but in retrospect, I get the idea I’m not to put myself in situations where I might be perceived as being competitive with other healers or healing methods. Even though I never consciously intended to compete with others, I can see how others could see it differently. 

Even though I was asked to leave the healing circle, some people from the area still contacted me for healing work. Here’s what one client from that location said a half-year after the session:



Many thanks for your healing session. I had severe pain in my upper leg and hip for over a year. This pain kept me from doing many things I enjoyed like yoga and power walking. My doctor was unable to diagnose the problem and x-rays only revealed that the pain was not bone-related. I declined an anti-inflammatory prescription and sought help from a physical therapist. After working with me the therapist established that my problem was my IT band, and suggested a regimen of stretches and massage. My pain was still severe and in my search for relief set up an appointment with Steve. As he worked, I could feel the energy in my body shift and a tingling sensation. Several days later I felt a rush of energy rush through my body as though a blockage had been cleared and my leg and hip pain disappeared.  It has been six months since my session and today I am still pain-free and participating in the activities I enjoy.



I could have used the confidence boost of the testimonial much sooner, considering the events of the time, but knowing the healing stayed with her has been gratifying.

~ S