Chapter 20 In Practice

I don’t need to know the names of all the intricate parts of the body or all the technical terms of all the ailments people might have. I’ve had people tell me their condition using technical terms as if I were a medical doctor and when I said I don’t know what they mean or what they are talking about, they’ve rolled their eyes at me like I was a real dummy. I am a dummy. Everybody is a dummy about something. You could fill the entire internet with the things I don’t know.

Early on in my healing work, you could point me to where it hurts. Later, when my scanning abilities improved, I could find the spot to work on by myself. With practice, it got easier and easier to sense and work with the energy, and I found myself practicing so much that many times I’d automatically respond to a situation that needed healing without being asked.  

One day I was in the mountains with a friend at his cabin, and he had some pretty bad lower back pain going on and it made him quite cross and irritable. If he twisted his body wrong, he’d wince from the pain. He was at his kitchen sink washing something, and I could practically see pain radiating from his lower back. 

I decided to do distant healing from the other side of the room and held my palms a little ways apart and imagined his lower back between my palms for healing. My energy was quite strong and there was a lot of congested energy in his back, so all this energy combined made for a dense ball of energy in my hands and as I moved it he felt it.

My friend was irritable from the pain he was in and growled at me, asking; “Are you doing that energy work on me?” I stopped doing it and admitted I had been. He later said I took how he asked the wrong way. He was okay with me doing it, but I had seen a few people get a little wigged out with the energy when it was that strong, and on top of that he had a lot of pain. There was a lot for me to get used to in doing this work, especially since the energy was getting stronger. 

A few weeks after being in the mountains I was at a gathering of graduates of the Silva course and the woman sitting to my right mentioned that her left shoulder was frozen and causing pain. I turned to my right and put my left hand about ten inches in front of her shoulder, and my right hand about 10 inches in back and started working on her. She told me later that someone across the room silently mouthed the words; “Don’t move! He’s good!” She sat still, and I could feel the pain there. She got some relief right away and scheduled a session for a day or two later. Here’s her take on what I did.


“I had suffered from a frozen shoulder for months. I was looking at weeks of physical therapy or possibly surgery. Steve worked on my shoulder a couple of times. I received complete relief. This was 2 years ago, I remain pain-free. 



I spoke with her about six years later, and she was still pain-free.

All the practice I was doing started opening doors to more formal sessions, and one Sunday night I was driving home from a day trip to the mountains and got a call from someone who found my information on the Qigong Institute website and wanted to know more about what I do.

I had a long drive ahead of me and didn’t mind chatting with Chris for a while. He told me a little about his situation, but not in great depth. I think he told me about some of the other things he’d tried. He’d been looking for relief for many years. I mentioned some of my training and suggested that he take a look at my website to see if it appealed to him and then get back in touch if he’d like to schedule a session. I think it was the next day Chris called and set an appointment. Eight months later here’s what Chris had to say about it:


“I saw Steve two times and discussed a variety of health concerns with him each time. The one that I had lived with the longest and suffered from every day for 24 years was back pain around my neck and shoulders. My pain was the result of an injury and I saw a chiropractor every 4 to 6 weeks for an adjustment, but even those adjustments were sometimes only moderately pain-relieving. I regularly took 4 extra-strength Tylenol a day, but not anymore. It has now been 8 months since I last saw Steve and I would say I'm pain-free about 99% of the time. Once in a while when I'm doing something strenuous I will feel some moderate back pain, but it is nothing compared to what I felt every day for 24 years. Now, after a day or so the pain goes away. When I left a session with Steve I did not feel an immediate difference, but it was in the days and weeks following that I began to notice the change. I kept wondering when it might "wear off", but it hasn't yet. Steve gets my highest recommendation.“


I didn’t know how bad Chris’s pain had been, or exactly where it was located, so it was gratifying to receive his testimonial. Something else I’ll mention is I typically tell people about the books I’ve studied and let them know they can consider learning from them too. By the time I worked on Chris I was leaning heavily on the Pranic Healing pdf I had on my computer so I told Chris about that resource in case he might be interested in learning more. About six years later Chris came to see me again for a different issue altogether, and he brought me a physical copy of the Pranic Healing book that had been out of print for many years. He said he tried to study it but was unable to get traction with it. It was kind of him to gift it to me. 

I once mentioned Robert Bruce’s book Energy Work to a good friend, and he bought it, but later said he didn’t get much out of it. I was able to practice the lessons in both of those books, first on myself, and then on others, and with great success. I thought I’d found real gems that anyone would get a lot out of, but it doesn’t seem to work that way. After thinking about it a bit I realized there are plenty of good books I can’t get traction with either. Maybe it takes an inherent desire to learn a subject, along with an approach that works for you. Or it could be a matter of timing or guidance from your inner teacher. 

However it comes to you, understand that energy work is not an intellectual pursuit. You can’t think your way through it. You have to get to where you can feel it and then expand from there. Otherwise, it would be like a deaf person learning to play the piano. I suppose you could go through the motions, but if you can’t sense what you are doing, using whatever sensing faculties you have available, you will be limited in your ability.

~ S