Chapter 19 Transparency

I’ve mentioned Quantum-Touch, Robert Bruce’s Energy Work, Pranic Healing, Qigong, and The Silva Method. I studied a few other things in those early years; Holographic Re-patterning, Theta Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Trigger Point Therapy, Dowsing, and others I can’t recall the names of. 

I didn’t get a lot out of every one of the books I read, or the weekend workshops I took. Some were outstanding, and others seemed to yield spotty results. Many factors go into teaching and learning these things; such as where the workshop is located, the others on the course with you, how much you had studied or prepared beforehand, how interesting the subject is to you, or how it was presented, who presented it, and so on. 

Eventually, the time and money I spent investigating a seemingly endless array of healing methods prompted me to raise the bar on results. I couldn’t expend any more effort on marginal results. I still can’t. I am open to learning and improving the outcomes I get from healing work, but I want to learn from people who have demonstrated powerful, and consistent results that speak for themselves. It can sometimes be a tough call, and you have to use intuition and common sense to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are a lot of posers, but people who can demonstrate what might be referred to as paranormal healing abilities on demand are not very common.

At many of these workshops I saw techniques that sometimes worked, but most of the time and for most people, they didn’t do much of anything. It’s like the Emperor has no clothes, or maybe he’s just in his underwear. I think it’s time to raise the bar on all of this. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or to have the discipline to practice, and to expect better results. Expect much better results, but not in an aggressive or hostile way. Hostility towards healing work can cause an energy healer to shut down and become protective. Healing work requires being open and sensitive, and hostility evokes the opposite. Unfortunately, being open and vulnerable can lead to being indoctrinated.  

The way it works is you find something you can agree with, something useful in the teachings, so you let your guard down, and maybe you will accept a few things without testing them for yourself. It may all sound good in theory, but if you haven’t tested it and gotten satisfactory results, it’s just mind candy.

You may end up with a wall covered in certificates and a bookshelf full of training manuals, and maybe some paraphernalia associated with each course, but perhaps you don’t get results you’d write home about. I think many people eventually just get burned out on broken promises and give up on all of it, or maybe they hang on to some core teachings as a justification for the amount of time and money spent seeking answers to persistent questions. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you put in your effort to test the teachings and get the results, no one will ever be able to take that away from you. You have to do your part, put forth the effort to learn and practice, but if you don't see results after giving it a fair shake, don’t be afraid to say so and move on. 

One of my friends had been practicing Spring Forest Qigong, and we’d get together now and then and compare notes. I had read Chunyi Lin’s book, “Born A Healer; I Was Born A Healer, You Were Born a Healer Too” and was impressed by his story. I have a great deal of respect for him. His Spring Forest Qigong is simple and effective. My friend and I both could feel the energy moving very soon after starting the Spring Forest exercises. I had a stronger interest in these things and took the exercises further than he did, but it was good to exercise with someone else for a while, and it spurred me to continue to practice my healing techniques. As it turned out, my friend’s wife had a medical condition that I offered to work on, and here’s what she had to say about the results:


“Dear Steve: 

I just wanted to let you know that you have helped me with your “energy work”. As you know, my IBS symptoms include discomfort in my abdominal region. It seems that your energy work has really minimized those feelings and I am more “normal” (whatever that may be!) than at other times. 

On numerous occasions, I have also asked you about my Fibromyalgia – especially my back from my shoulders down to my hips. I am amazed that you are able to diminish the pain I feel! Since I am in constant pain all the time, I find I am able to do more activities after you work on me. So - I am looking forward to our next session. 

Thank you for all you have done to help me.”


~ S