Chapter 17 A Broader Understanding

My understanding of how the universe works shifted from time to time, and once in a great while the shift was profound. The realization that we can reach across space to do distant healing still captivates me when I think about it. 

But what are the implications of this? What can we do with the information? Where does it lead? There are some interesting possibilities. It brings to mind science fiction concepts of hyperspace, tesseracts, and such. It’s funny how something like energy healing and distant healing isn’t generally recognized by science, but it could lead to a deeper understanding of the universe. There’s a lot of fun stuff to contemplate here. I wonder if bonafide scientists were to partake of these energy healing techniques how much they could add to man’s knowledge of the world in which we live.

In the years to come distant healing would become a regular adjunct to my in-person sessions. In fact, at times it became the primary focus with in-person healing taking a backseat to distant healing. With distant healing, I was able to work on anyone anywhere at any time and to do it without the distractions and limitations of in-person sessions.

I know this all may sound very outlandish, but there it is. I feel it is essential to discuss these things openly, and with integrity. I believe humanity needs to wake up to a much broader reality if our so-called civilization is to survive. We need a significant leap forward in consciousness. I’d like to rephrase that: We need a significant leap forward in recognizing consciousness as it already is. Consciousness is what it is. Us waking up to it means the change in perspective is required from within. I am certain that what appears to be miracles will become much more commonplace as we come closer to understanding the broader reality of which we are all a part. Once we do understand the more comprehensive reality, we will have an increased ability to navigate reality more harmoniously and cooperatively.

I’m pretty sure almost everyone has glimpses of this other octave from time to time. If more of us felt free to talk about these experiences, to write about them, to share them and compare them without judging the experiences or one another harshly, and without trying to make our experiences more important than those of others, we would advance not only as a society of humans but the greater society that includes animals and plants and everything else in the universe. We could all contribute consciously to a much more harmonious and sustainable way of life.

Maybe extraterrestrials are waiting for us to wake up to this more inclusive awareness before making themselves known to us. It stands to reason. If we treat one another, and animals and the planet itself with decency and respect, maybe beings from other planets would want to interact with us. If we as a people make it to the next level of awareness, then perhaps we would be invited to join an intergalactic association of civilized planets.

Waking up to how much more amazing the universe is when our awareness includes additional octaves can be beautiful, or at times because it’s so unfamiliar it could be a bit scary, a bit freakish, but that’s okay. It’ll be a bit like eating ethnic food that you haven't had before. Nibble it at first. Explore gently. Don’t push yourself, or let others push you to go too far too fast. There’s good stuff to be discovered by exploring beyond the bounds, and there’s plenty of stuff you probably won’t bother with much. It’s all okay.

There weren’t very many places in the area I was living where these things were being explored in groups, not that I knew of. There was a new age bookstore that had been around for many years, and another opened but didn’t last very long. The Unity church had some interesting things going on which were refreshing, but limited.

There was another church in the area called Religious Science International, or RSI. It wasn’t as well attended but it was another place where it was acceptable to explore things outside of the box. Reiki Masters and other healers were commonly found there.

The Religious Science Church later became the Center For Positive Living, or CPL, and was a healing resource for many It was closer to home for me so it was convenient for me to go there from time to time. Christy and Renee were co-ministers with uplifting messages. Christy played guitar and flute, and they both had beautiful singing voices. A service there could start very lively, with the congregation singing ‘Love Train’ by the OJ’s and everyone clapping and singing their hearts out, and then it could get very tender, and help you access painful parts inside that you may have locked away for years and you could suddenly find yourself blubbering and trying to be quiet about it, and it was okay to blubber, whether you were quiet about it or not. It was a safe space.

Nevertheless, even in a safe space some of the woo-woo stuff can challenge your understanding of the world and call you out beyond your comfort zone. If you go about it totally analytically, all ‘left brain’ so to speak, dissecting and cataloging it all, you’ll miss quite a lot. It's like there’s a borderline between science and fantasy that intellectual ‘scientific types’ aren’t supposed to cross. However, what I found was by pushing my understanding to the limits, then reaching for more, the Universe opened a door to things that can’t be explained using accepted scientific concepts and terminology alone. 

There are scientific terms like quantum entanglement that could apply in some of these woo-woo circumstances, but I’m not so sure staid intellectual types would want to label them as such. As for me, my intellectual self-image often fell flat on its face, and only then would I sometimes be treated to a glimpse of a fascinating aspect of our world that appears to operate on a different set of rules. It can get kind of Twilight Zone at times, and I saw many of the people at The Center For Positive Living as having a blended consciousness, somewhere between generally accepted reality, and Twilight Zone reality.

~ S