Chapter 16 Dumbstruck

I’m going to tell you about something that happened that I have not been able to get my wits around. It was a big deal for me. Even all these years later, once in a while when I’m feeling peaceful, I may let some attention rest gently on the essence of the event and try to discern anything I possibly can from it. It’s one of those things you are careful about sharing with others because you don’t think people will believe you, or you are pretty sure you can’t even tell it accurately, and you don’t want someone telling you what it all means, especially someone who hasn’t a clue.

Maybe telling this will help someone on the path. Perhaps it will help me to tell it.

I went on a day trip to a town about a hundred miles away from my home to enjoy a Sunday drive. It was a beautiful day, and I was going to have lunch with some new friends, and I started to have car trouble. 

Suddenly my engine wouldn’t hold oil. I pulled into a gas station and added two quarts. I started my engine, and the oil spewed onto the ground. It looked bad. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I was right next to the restaurant I was heading to and had lunch with my friends and left early. I found a repair shop open and had a tow service carry my truck to them. Fortunately, it was an easy fix.

The sun was going down, and I was waiting for the repair of my truck when I got a phone call from a friend about 50 miles away. She had been seriously ill from adrenal exhaustion. She’d been working 16 hour days for an extended period and the responsibility and stress level was quite high. The doctor ordered her to stay in bed, and her mother was coming around to feed her. She sounded frail and asked if I could send her some healing energy. I told her about my situation and said I would do it as soon as I was able.

The sun was setting as I drove away from the auto repair shop and headed for home. I navigated the unfamiliar surface streets, made it to the freeway, and got up to cruising speed heading west. Once I was away from the city the traffic died down, and I pretty much had a stretch of highway to myself and I relaxed. 

The request for healing energy came to mind, and without thinking much about it, I just put my hands on the steering wheel, with palms up, and very lightly intended to send her some energy. This is when things went rather Twilight-Zone. 

Instantly my crown chakra, an area on the top of my head, and my perineum chakra, which is located between my legs, started to pulse very energetically and as rapidly as a hummingbirds’ wings flapping, while at the same time powerful energy rocketed out of my palms. It felt like something you’d see in an animated cartoon. It was the most powerful energy phenomenon I’d felt yet. My mind went quiet, and I observed it happening like I was outside of myself and this was all very impersonal. As though it were happening to someone else.

This continued for several seconds, and I realized I was hurtling down an Interstate Highway at 70 miles per hour, and I had the thought: “I need to focus on driving,” and the phenomenon suddenly quit. It had come on full blast and ended just as abruptly. The flow of energy didn't ramp up or down. It was like a light switch flipped On - and after several seconds, it switched - Off.

I was dumbstruck. My mind was near silent for the two-hour drive home. 

My day trip had extended well into the evening, and the tow and repair events had been stressful. I didn’t know how the energy event may have affected me, but I was tired and I brushed my teeth and went to bed.

I’d no sooner turned out the light beside my bed and started to settle in when my phone rang. It was the friend I’d sent energy to. I answered, and she said the sensation was incredible, that she’d felt it all over her body and she thanked me from the bottom of her heart. I said I’d try to send more before going to sleep and we hung up. 

I put the phone down and rolled over, putting my hands on the pillow beside me and once again intended to send energy to her. Once again the crown and perineum chakras pulsed madly and the energy blasted out of my palms. Again I was dumbstruck and observed it impersonally for several seconds before I thought: “I need to go to sleep,” and it quit. Again, as abruptly as it turned on, it turned off. 

I slept well, woke up feeling fine, and wondered about it a good deal the next day. I still wonder about it from time to time. I haven’t experienced that phenomenon since then. I wonder how I could do that at will, or if that's even possible.

It was years before I mentioned that incident to anyone. Eventually, I did tell it to someone well respected in the energy healing field, someone I felt I could trust with it. He’s also a medical doctor, and he fully accepted my story and was a little excited by it and said he thought surely it would happen again. 

Sometimes I think maybe I didn’t do it. Maybe it just happened through me. I can find any number of people who would agree with that statement. We could speculate on who or what did this or caused it to happen. Angels? My angels? Her angels? God? I don’t know, sure, why not. It was clearly beyond me.

I try to not overthink this incident. Maybe an understanding of it will come to me like a piece of fruit that ripens and falls from a tree and the fruit is as sweet and satisfying as can be. I think if you grasp at things like this, or try to force an understanding it just wouldn’t satisfy, it could even end up being bitter, as contrived understanding often is.

~ S