Chapter 15 Remote Healing

Remote healing is not new. Many healing methods include at least some teachings on distant, or remote healing. I’d done some remote healing exercises while studying Quantum-Touch, and I’d read on the internet about people using different methods to do it. Then I got a chance to practice remote healing techniques when I took a weekend workshop on the Silva Method. Silva has been around a while and has many success stories but I didn’t get a lot out of distant healing from those courses, but I had been introduced to it in sort of a hello-see-you-later fashion. It had all been too brief.  Fortunately for me, there was more to come.  


Shortly before I was introduced to subtle energy I had made friends over the internet with Alan, a retired engineer who lived in Australia.

Alan and I had a few shared interests and had been exchanging occasional emails for many months before he told me his wife was having a medical problem, endometriosis, and pretty much all the specialists in Australia and some outside the country had done all they could. Her symptoms included persistent bleeding that had gone on for over nine months. She was exhausted and had very little energy. It sounded rough.

I decided to spill the beans about the training in a spiritual type of healing I had been studying, and though I couldn’t make promises, it might help, surely couldn’t hurt, and I would be happy to give it a try.

Typically, because of time-zone differences, Alan would send an email to me while I was sleeping and I would respond to him while he was asleep. So I got up in the morning and saw that Alan had given me permission to work on his wife from a distance. I was in the Southeast US, and they were just outside of Sydney, Australia. I figured Alan and his wife had a discussion about it and decided to give it a go.

I had my coffee, dealt with other emails, and when I’d cleared my inbox, I turned attention to ‘Trish, his wife. I went into what I thought of as an alpha state and as I put attention on her I got the idea that doctors focused all their attention and energy on Trish’s uterus, and I had an intuitive sense that the energy was congested and she needed to have it spread out across the rest of her body so her energy could flow more freely.

In my construction work, one time after I did a tile job I treated myself to a manicure since the tile work was so hard on my hands, particularly my fingernails. When the manicurists worked on me, they’d massage my forearms, hands, and fingers. It felt very nice, even luxurious. I never got a pedicure but I’d seen people having their feet and calves massaged, and it looked inviting. Anyway, long story short, I imagined I was massaging Trish’s  forearms and calves, and I moved my hands and fingers as if she were present in the room with me. I spent several minutes with this before heading out to go to a job.

I did not tell Alan or anyone else what I had done.

The next morning I got an email from Alan telling me Trish told him she felt like someone was massaging her arms and legs and he noted she had more energy.

I was so astonished by this that I had to take a five-mile walk in the woods to absorb the impact it had on me. 

When I got back home from my walk I did more distant healing on Trish and again kept what I was doing to myself.

The next day Alan’s email came in telling me her bleeding is greatly reduced, and she’s got a lot of energy, cleaning the house and staying up late! He also said he had not told her that I was going to be doing distant healing on her!

I had to take another five-mile walk. She didn’t even know I was going to be working on her! This blew me away.

Trish’s problem didn’t disappear entirely, but it was much improved. With these sessions, I found I could actually do distant healing, and it worked better than I ever expected! The other person could feel my ministrations even if they weren't told I would be doing this work. This information was clashing with my ideas of time and space. I was being forced to acknowledge that reality is quite a bit different from what is generally accepted. I could only imagine what the ramifications might be. 

Here’s what Alan had to say about the events:


“At 66 my wife was found to be suffering from the gynecological problem of endometriosis. Two surgical operations were unable to resolve the problem and almost resulted in her bleeding to death. Two professors were brought in and their ministrations only made matters worse, their contacts with their peers around the world resulted in their stating that they had no solution, as they had only ever seen five cases like it but none in her age group.

We decided to try Chinese medicine in the form of acupuncture and this proved to be ineffective and to some degree also aggravated the situation.

Steve Kube offered his help in distance healing by way of the transmission of spiritual energy and over the past month he has performed this service, at periods known only to himself, the result is that my wife's condition is showing definite and observable signs of improvement and her own personal energy levels have increased to the level where she is getting physical benefit from this improvement as well.

What is so significant about this is threefold.

1. My wife knows nothing about this procedure - so there is no placebo effect.

2. Mr. Steve Kube is unaware of the full nature of my wife's complaint.

3. Mr. Steve Kube is in the U.S.A. and we are in Australia.


Sydney. Australia.

This testimonial is given freely and without reservation.”


I think we’ve all experienced periods when the time was flying, and other periods when it was dragging on. What I was being forced to incorporate in my mental construct of the universe was the sometimes subjective nature of space. 

It’s challenging to try to explain these things or to even discuss them intelligently. Scientists are challenged to communicate clearly about quantum entanglements, and quantum leaps, and such. Scientists have academia and industry backing them up. Unfortunately, on the whole, academia and industry do not get behind things like distant healing or energy work. They tend toward denial of these things. 

Nevertheless, I’ve come to understand that healers around the world routinely practice distant healing with some degree of efficacy. I expect by now there are millions of people that are acquainted with it to one degree or another and may have had some training on how to go about doing distant healing. 

I believe most people will have been just as doubtful about the potential of distant healing as I was when I was first introduced to it, and may only practice while on a course of training, or for a little while thereafter, but they soon give it up and the ability and the training lies dormant. But, what if millions of people who have had some of this training were to take it up in earnest? What if the tide turned, and millions of people started doing healing work! 

Imagine going beyond the doubts about our ability to do these things. Leaving behind the doubts and performing healing ‘miracles’ daily, routinely, simply as an accepted part of life. Imagine doing these things and not being amazed, or blown away, or having our notions of the fundamental nature of reality challenged. This would be a giant leap forward. I believe we are heading in this direction.

~ S