Chapter 12 A Tall Order

One Sunday afternoon I got an email from a Physician’s Liaison asking if I could come to the emergency room at the hospital to work on her husband before the doctors got to him. I’d communicated briefly with this woman a few months earlier after a Physician had given her my card. My mother had given one of my cards to her physician and a couple of weeks later the physician gave it to the Liaison.


The events unfolded like this: I had done a healing session on a woman who had come to my home, limping to the front door carrying a special pillow to sit on to protect her tailbone. I did my healing work, and the woman walked normally to her car leaving her special pillow behind.  This is what the client said about the session later:


“On my way in I could hardly walk, having two different pain problems in my right upper leg. Steve put me at ease and began. Two hours later my pain had gone from an 8 or 9 to a 2, and I walked out very comfortably even though my pelvis hadn't leveled out. One of the two problems has not recurred, and the second has maintained a marked improvement. 

The next day I happened to see Steve again and he observed that my pelvis had leveled out, so the healing had been continuing. I plan on more energy work with him in a couple of weeks, to work on what's left.” 


My mother witnessed the woman walk in slowly with a limp and leave with a spring in her step, and she insisted I give her a healing session. I didn’t know it, but Mom had banged her knee badly about a week earlier. When she told me this, I asked her to put on shorts so I could see it better. When she returned after changing I could see that sure enough, her knee was quite swollen and red. She sat in a comfy chair and in about fifteen minutes the swelling was gone, and the color was normal. I asked her to stand up, and when she did her jaw hit the floor. She started laughing, said she couldn’t believe this, then said she’d already made an appointment with her doctor for the next day and she was going to keep the appointment and tell the doctor what I’d done. I gave her one of my cards to give to the doctor.

Mom’s Physician was from India and was familiar with non-traditional healing, and accepted it as valid. Mom’s doctor was exceptional in this regard. 

About two weeks after all this I got the call from the Physician’s Liaison, who told me the physician gave her my card. The liaison had said she would take her husband to see an energy healer if his cancer ever came back. They were eating lunch together when she said it and the doctor said “Just a minute,” went to her office and came back with my card and gave it to the Liaison. 

The Liaison called me on her way home that day and wanted to know more. I suggested she and her husband read over my website then get in touch with me if they were still interested. She said okay and later emailed me saying they were very interested and would be in touch after the school year let out, and after they had gone on vacation with the kids.

About two and a half months later I got the urgent email asking me to come to the emergency room to do healing work. As it was, I was in serious need of some R&R and was heading out to spend time with a friend. Also, I did not want to cross swords with emergency room nurses and doctors. I had to say no. I needed to take this Sunday off.

I didn’t think I would be of much use in an emergency room. I didn’t have that much confidence in my ability to deal with everything that I imagined could happen there. I’d done time in ER’s. I didn’t think it would be the best place to start in with woo-woo healing work. 

When I got home, there was another email. ‘E’ was going to be transferred to the hospital closer to the city center and I was asked if I could come to see him first thing Monday before they had a chance to make a diagnosis. I responded that I already had business scheduled for that day and I’d get there when I could. I also figured they’d need time to get settled in.

My day was quite busy, but I finally got to the hospital at about 7:00 pm. As it was, not five minutes earlier, two doctors had left the room after having given the results of his MRI. They told the couple that ‘E’ had a mass the size of a golf ball inside his skull, a little behind his left ear, and another mass the size of a marble inside his skull directly at the lower back of the skull. Surgery was scheduled for Thursday morning to cut a hole in E’s skull, scoop stuff out, then give him chemo and radiation therapy.

I looked at the couple and said: “That would scare the shit out of me.” They nodded and said yeah, it scared the shit out of them. 

E’s balance was affected by the masses in his head, and he could not sit or stand up which would be how I usually worked on someone. So I improvised and said let’s get started and began cleaning his aura from the feet up. Right away I found a lot of ‘junk’ in his aura in and around his knees and spent time clearing it. 

In a casual tone I asked what all this crap was around his knees as if it were plain for anyone to see and he told me he’d had knee surgery several years before, he said he did flooring work and had ruined his knees. A few minutes later his knees were cleared of the ‘junk’ and he said to his wife, “I can feel my knees for the first time since the surgery!” I took this success in stride and kept going. 

I continued working further up his body, cleaning as I went and when I got to his liver, I found a lot of etheric gunk in there. I once referred to this stuff as “greasy, grimy, gopher, guts”. It’s nasty stuff and there was a lot there. When I finished with his liver, I looked up at the both of them and said to E, “When I leave here, you are going to go into that bathroom and take a crap that’s going to peel the paint in there.” They laughed nervously but told me sometime later that’s what happened.

I then cleaned his arms and shoulders and scanned the front of his neck and jaw and head as best I could. I felt something in the area of his left ear and jaw area and removed it. He looked at his wife and said he could hear out of his left ear now! Then he explained to me that his hearing in that ear had been impaired since he was 12 when his parents divorced.

I told E I’d normally work on his back, but he was bed-ridden. E said; “Bring those two high-backed chairs over here so I can stand and hold on to them while you work on my back”. In a minute or two E was standing beside the bed holding the chairs and I was tightening his “I See You” gown so I wouldn’t see so much if you know what I mean.

Cleaning his back went quickly, which led me to the core of it. I was following a technique I commonly use. I like to clear other things, other pathways, other areas of the body before going to the core issue so that healing energy is already flowing better overall and can be available for the big deal. In this case, the big deal was the two masses in E’s skull. 

I could feel these masses as I swept my energy hands through that part of his head and aura and I proceeded to remove them. Eventually, and with a lot of sweeping I couldn’t feel anything else that needed clearing, and I stopped to take a breather. I’d been at it almost two hours non-stop. 

As I stepped back, E let go of both chairs at the same time and turned around and around and said; “I’m done!” We pushed the chairs across the room where they had been, and E went back to bed. I shook his hand, and we said goodbye. He seemed to be in a good place with it. 

His wife stepped out of the room, wrote me a modest check, and thanked me very sincerely, and I went home. It was late. I had a thirty-minute drive back home. With travel, we’d used a three-hour time slot.

The next morning I got an email from them saying E had checked out of the hospital and went to work.

I told them to be very sure not to tell anyone I had suggested it was okay to do that. I did not want to get in trouble with the hospital, doctors, or anyone else. This was a big-hairy-deal! I was a little nervous and told them E needed to come to see me as soon as he could. 

I think it was the next evening they showed up, and I worked on E some more. There was a lot more gunk to remove. I was surprised by the amount of it. I told them again he needed more sessions and we talked about him seeing a nutritionist to help cleanse his body and gave a few other tips I thought might help. I think I told them he might need a session a day for a week or so and I tried to impress him not to take this lightly. It wasn’t a money-motivated thing. I’d been quite surprised by how much more had to be cleaned off him so soon after the initial session.

E didn’t come back again for a week, and when he did come back, he brought his young daughter who had broken her arm in the interim. I worked on him briefly, and then on her. After working on the girl, through her cast, she said she felt it was healed and wanted to take the cast off. I was not okay with that at all. I told her to have friends sign her cast and follow the doctor’s instructions.  

E needed to keep coming for more sessions and to be monitored by other professionals, but he didn’t come back. Six months later I got another urgent call from his wife. They were at the hospital again. The symptoms had returned, and this time they had gone through with the surgery. She asked if I could come to the hospital to give him a session. 

When I got there, E looked like hell, and his wife was on the brink of tears and I did what I could. A month or so later E passed away. I felt bad.

Did the energy work give him another six months of life or did it take away a chance at permanent healing via conventional methods? You could speculate on that until the cows come home. 

I was irreverent in that hospital room when I said; “That would scare the shit out of me,” and I was as real as I could be. It was very coarse of me to say he was going to have a crap that would peel the paint off the bathroom walls, but the prospects E was facing were equally coarse. I met them right where they were and did the best I could. 

I think it was a God-trick to send such a case my way so early on. Ah-well, I don’t suppose interns in the E.R. get much slack with when or what comes their way either. I surprised myself with how well I handled it. I was catching on that I may have some natural ability and intuitiveness on how to go about doing the work, but I hadn’t learned to detach from the outcome. I didn’t take that ending very well. 

If I had been an intern with a group, with mentors and teachers, and a support structure around me it could have been much easier. Could the outcome have been different? I don’t know. But I would have liked to have been able to confer with other professionals about what I was finding, what I thought might help, and then to have some seasoned doctor or healer or nurse or someone to tell me something like, “Yeah, it’s hard when you lose someone like that.” I just felt alone and discouraged about it.

~ S