Chapter 10 Coarse, Subtle, & Causal

For the sake of simplicity, we could say there are three levels of creation; the coarse, the subtle, and the causal realms. The physical world is the coarse realm. The healing energy is of the subtle realm. The causal level is the higher power, God, Allah, Author of the Universe, whatever name you like to use for this. Healing energy work is done on the subtle level. We can cultivate the subtle energy and guide it and work with it. But, it’s a good idea to remember there is a higher level that we, as mere mortals cannot control or manipulate. We can be active on the physical and subtle levels, but we humans are passive at the causal level. Sincere intentions can be in harmony with the causal, but you’ll be stepping in something if you get the idea you are co-opting the role of the causal. 

    The harmony or alignment between a person and God can be taken to a very high level where you experience heightened sensitivities to the subtle realm and we can eventually tap into abilities not usually ascribed to men. At least not the average man. Shamans, sorcerers, and wizards may come to mind, but not your average Joe.

    Miracles, or what we think of as miracles can and do happen, and it’s reasonable to assume they will become more common as healing work of this nature becomes more accepted in the world. You one day may find yourself facilitating miracles, but the degree of harmony between you and the author of all that is will determine how effective you are. With that said there’s a fundamental misunderstanding that I believe has served to slow the adoption of practical healing techniques. 

I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned doing healing work and someone said; “You aren’t doing the healing, God is,” or “You don’t believe that’s your energy do you?” and similar. Maybe the problem stems from our language, but I’d like to mention a bible quote where Jesus said, “These things I do, you shall do and more.” I was a boy the first time I heard that and I remember thinking, “That sounds cool. I’d like to do some of those things.” Nowadays I think it’s time for more of us to step into this reality where we do what Jesus did and more. We won’t be co-opting the power of God. Our ability will always be limited, but I like to believe God working through us is not limited. Not that God needs to do his work through us, but it does happen at times, and healing work endeavors to assist it happening through that harmony.

On the physical level healers need to keep ourselves clean, well-rested, fed, peaceful, and otherwise prepared to do the work. We go through the motions which we learn in workshops or from books or maybe we have a natural ability and can demonstrate results without taking any training. However, this work comes to us we can do things on the physical level to facilitate it to improve our results.             

One thing that helps is increasing our attention span. Meditating and eliminating needless noise and drama in your life will help. Turn off the television, reduce the time you spend on social media, overcome any addictions you may have, and cultivate inner peace. Forgiveness exercises and practicing letting go of things of the past can go a long way towards cultivating deep inner peace.

 Another thing we can do is pay more attention to the subtle things all around us. Practice focusing on softer sounds, like bird calls in the distance. Notice slight differences in colors, minor differences in textures on surfaces, focus on things that don’t grab your attention, pay more attention to things in the background. By practicing these things your world becomes much richer, and you can take the practice deeper and deeper. Perhaps the biggest barrier to doing these things is boredom, which can be broached by persisting through to the other side of it.

On the subtle level, we can build our energy, keep the energy of our aura clean, and we can clear and develop our energy channels with various exercises like qigong, breathing exercises, etc. We can also get training to do different things with the energy, and we can practice with it.

Regarding the causal, we can get closer to it through meditation, appreciation of nature, and the miracle of life. Having reverence for the mystery we are living helps me feel a bit closer to it, but you can go over the top with that too. Allow that another miracle may or may not happen. Do your best, release any judgments you may have, gently and calmly expect positive outcomes and get out of the way. In healing work, as in every other walk of life, our most important relationship is with the author of the Universe. 


Recently a woman asked me how I do it, and I was caught short. I may have misunderstood the question, but I didn’t know how to answer her. I may have come off as evasive, but I was looking for a short answer that went to the core of the question. I’ve thought about it now and then for a long time, but I don’t have a fast answer that would be satisfying at any level other than superficial. Imagine asking a musician how they do what they do, or asking an author how do they write a novel or a poem. In my hesitation, the person asked if I lay my hands on a person when I did it. I said no, I don’t do that. I prefer not to touch a client. The person then told me about someone successful with laying on of hands. It came across a little like I’d failed a test. Like I’d given the wrong answer. I took the question to be more fundamental, and wondered if I did practice laying on of hands how I would answer the same question? I could say I put my hands on the person, but then what happens? Is there a short answer that could satisfy? If you’re not a serious student of healing with subtle energy, then a fast response may be enough. If you are seriously interested, you may spend lifetimes looking for an answer. For me, I keep returning to the mystery of it. The mystery that isn’t meant to be answered only explored and embraced with love. A fine, simple unfettered love.

Looking back, I think when we get interested and follow the path where it leads us, we study and train and learn techniques, gain understanding, then continue to a new and ever-broader understanding, and still do not truly understand how we do it. There’s a mystery there. You do what you do, using however many techniques you have up your sleeve, and then you get out of the way. You don’t do the healing, and yet you do your part, and the rest gets done from a level beyond you. I think that’s true of the musician, artist, sculptor, the author, and others when they tap into the source of it all. Learn what you can, practice when you can, open up to be a channel for something beyond the known. 

Even better is when the person you are working on opens up to receive the Source energy; that’s when the healing happens. That’s where the miracles come from. It can happen in a split second. 

Healing at the subtle level can be quick or it can take a bit of time, but it is very different from what happens at the Causal level. You can scan and sweep, and  pull at lumps, and such, and it can all get rather routine. But, when something occurs from the Causal level it’s beyond routine. That’s when the large mass just blips out of existence. Or the person a thousand miles away, or twenty-thousand miles away is suddenly healed while you go about doing the energy work.  

It’s like the American Indian doing a rain dance and when it rains he says, he did the dance, but God made it rain (and the critics and cynics, and skeptics of the world say any thing they want to say about it, but they don’t know how to dance).

~ S